Meeting Minutes - 11th April 2013

Present: P Herterich, K Schmitt, H Tjalsma, K Kaur

  • Feedback from review
    • excellent comments received. High expectations for final report D32.2

  • The next deliverable D32.2 Report on testing of cost models and further analysis of cost parameters
    • due M30 (June 2013)
    • final report needs to be ready for internal review by mid June at the latest

  • Test data
    • check progress (KS, HT to check and KK to check all test data made available). KS, HT confirmed they have time to look at testing of DANS and DP4lib model. KK confirmed that all feedback on this exercise would be relevant. Including suggestions on how to improve the exercise where possible
    • HT to send out revised test data for DANS model
    • Testing template to be used and to be completed for all testing - available from WP32 wiki page under attachments

  • Mappings
    • PH confirmed that mappings can be finalised for Presto PRIME, KRDS, CMDP (i.e. partly completed in D32.1) in the next couple of weeks. Any problems to be passed to KK to resolve
    • Mappings not completed - NASA CET, ENSURE, ISIS - to be reviewed by KK. Where mappings not possible - full analysis to be provided for report

  • Cost data collection
    • review - KK to check with previous contact and Finance
    • try another internet/publications search for test data - check annual reports from funding bodies etc

  • VCoE - update from last week
    • guidance notes to be provided
    • as an option and if time permits (if effort remaining) could consider presenting case studies on the use of cost models from different perspectives:
      • Digital repository and library background (STFC)
      • Financial background (BL)
      • Cost model owner (DANS, DNB)
      • Limited cost model experience (CERN)
    • KK to produce template and check viability of review by competency of cost model user

  • 4C project
    • close links - methodology reviewed with N Grindley who liked our approach and may follow similar methodology
    • finalising our gap analysis will be an important starting point for the 4C project

  • Next meeting
    • 18th April

-- KirnnKaur - 2013-04-17

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