Meeting Minutes - 29th November 2012

Present: C Bruch, D Giaretta, P Herterich, K Kaur, S Lambert, S Schrimpf, H Tjalsma

  • Cost model analysis - almost complete
    • to be used for final deliverable report

  • Cost parameter exercise - almost complete
    • to be used to carry out mapping exercise

  • Mapping exercise - a key activity and will provide the basis of our deliverable
    • DP4lib completed, OECD partially complete ACTION - ALL to update table in meeting minutes for the last meeting on timescales for completing this work
    • ACTION ALL - mapping exercises to be completed within the next two weeks

  • Cost model test data:
    • Received for DANS, DP4lib, ISIS models ACTION KK to anonymise where relevant and send to 'testers'
    • CMDP KK awaiting response from model owner
    • NASA ACTION - DG to send to KK
    • LIFE3 ACTION - KK to provide
    • PrestoPRIME ACTION - PH to confirm if data available

  • Process for testing cost models with test data agreed
    • Models to be tested confirmed as:
    • Test data not to be published (as requested by DANS)
    • Those carrying out testing confirmed as, HT, KS, PH, KK
    • Test data to be sent to KK (to anonymise as necessary) and send to all testers
    • 'Testers' to assess data provided and see where the best fit is within their allocated model
    • Testing to be carried out

  • Cost data collection from consortium (and beyond?)
    • Confidentiality issues around data KK to chase directly. Currently 5 organisations. No data received as yet - ACTION - KK to chase for final time
    • DG - fundamental issue that we can't get cost data from partners or further afield.
    • ACTION - DG/SL to chase at STFC
    • All data needed in the next couple of weeks at the latest

  • Cost data published (contingency plan to point 6 above)
    • ACTION - ALL to see if any published cost data is available for repositories, archives, projects etc
    • ACTION - DG stated that he would look into available costs (D Rosenthal blog)

  • AOB
    • 4C project - ACTION - SS to provide further details to see whether continuity can be provided. Info can be used to add to deliverable. Conference slides provide some info. (see main page for WP32)
    • Business cases survey review - KS has started. To be passed onto KK to complete due to KS absence. KS will focus on testing the DP4lib model ACTION - KK
    • ACTION - KK to set out weekly plan and send to all

  • Next meeting - 6th December 2012

-- KirnnKaur - 2012-11-29

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