Meeting minutes - 6th December 2012

Present: D Giaretta (part), P Herterich, K Kaur, H Tjalsma, R van Horik

  • Actions from previous meeting:
    • mappings exercises to be completed asap
    • cost model test data sent to 'testers', where available, ACTION - testers to test, PH to confirm for Prestoprime data
    • cost data collection from consortium - none available. ACTION DG/SL - STFC still chasing
    • published cost data - no feedback received ACTION KK - DR blog to be checked
    • 4C project work to be reviewed with SS ACTION - KK
    • B cases survey review sent by KS. ACTION - KK to review

  • Cost model analysis - chased for NASA and ESA - ACTION - DG/SL to find a resource to cover STFC's commitments

  • Cost parameter exercise
    • start of QA review, NASA parameters to be reviewed (as sent to DG), impacts on mapping exercise which will have to be reviewed in light of new listing of parameters ACTION - DG/SL to find resource

  • Mapping exercise - due to lack of cost data, this exercise will form the main part of the deliverable and it is important that the work is completed asap. HT mentioned that the exercise was not easy ACTION - ALL

  • Cost model test data
    • received for DANS, DP4lib, LIFE3 and sent to 'testers'
    • CMDP - awaiting model owners response ACTION - KK to chase
    • PrestoPRIME ACTION - tbc by PH
    • KRDS - test data to be checked from case studies ACTION - PH to send relevant extract to KK
    • NASA - raw data not available although outputs from CET model available
    • new exercise - to see if 'output' data from cost models can be used as 'input' data to test other models. ACTION - KK to send NASA output data to 'testers'

  • Process for testing
    • PH mentioned that matching the data was difficult as parameters didn't match. The mapping template can be used to see where there are matches as well as differences. ACTION - For clarification PH to contact HT or KS for their respective cost models
    • PH requested a template to record actions, issues, concerns, problems etc ACTION KK to provide template (incl methodology on how we used the data) to testers which will be used to provide input to deliverable report

  • Cost data collection - no 'usable' data received. ACTION - STFC to chase

  • Deliverable D32.1 - KK to issue outline with assigned responsibilities so that input can be gathered from participants. KK to chase DG for high level questions ACTION - KK

  • IDCC conference -
    • RvH sent out doodle poll for conference preparatory meeting ACTION - KK to forward to all participants
    • ACTION - KK to send out details to participants, attendance at conference tbc by participants
    • NB links to workshop 9 on 17 January by Hans Pfeiffenberger ACTION - RvH to contact HP to arrange for APARSEN workshop feedback to be shared

  • Next meeting - 13th December 11am (UK time), 12noon (CET)

-- KirnnKaur - 2012-12-07

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