Meeting minutes - 6th June 2013

Present: Robert Darby, Patricia Herterich, Kirnn Kaur, Karlheinz Schmitt, Heiko Tjalsma

1. Benefits QA review undertaken by KK and sent to RD. RD to review comments and provide updates as well as up to one page on business cases best practice. Deadline end of next week, 14th June

2. Mappings QA review undertaken by KK and sent to PH. PH to review comments and amend sections extracted from D32.1. Deadline end of next week, 14th June

3. Testing - three models being tested; DANS, DP4lib, LIFE3

DANS with DP4lib data HT stated that all DP4lib data had been entered into the DANS model. This work proved to be quite difficult where cost parameters did not match and where indirect costs were allocated. As well as the summary excel sheet there are 10 worksheets which show the breakdown of allocations. The testing could only be carried out at a high level and some of this was by making arbitrary decisions on cost allocation. For a more detailed analysis this exercise would take too long and may not prove to cost effective. Some of the findings are:

- indirect costs are less complicated in the DP4lib model than in the DANS model. - the models relate to different organisations i.e. data archive v digital library - the workflows (processes) are not necessarily the same (as the testing clearly showed) - the service offered to 3rd parties may also not be the same (TBC)

The findings from the exercise are to be written up by HT and presented by the middle of next week. KK confirmed that we needed to provide added value and be clear about what the conclusions were. Also, in the case of the DANS and DP4lib cost models, which are still under development, any lessons learnt or impact on the development of the models should be clearly highlighted.

ACTION KS/HT to provide an overview of the services offered by the respective cost models. This will help with the analysis.

HT stated that the DANS model reflects the organisation which is very dynamic and has gone through organisational changes. The cost model is flexible and can be adapted. The issues around how the cost model can be changed in order to adapt to various needs is being reviewed within the 4C project as they are looking at barriers to using cost models.

DANS other testing - will be CMDP, may not have time for LIFE3 as the test data is complicated.

DP4lib model tested with DANS data The exercise has been completed and KS is to write up a report for next week. HT and KS confirmed that bot the DANS and DP4lib cost models are process based.

LIFE3 model tested with DP4lib data Report drafted by KK - needs to be reviewed. The testing at a detailed level proved to be very difficult. KS helped to look at the costs at a high level. KS/KK plan to finalise testing by end of next week. Report to be written up by then.

RD agreed to review the testing element of the paper. KK suggested that this section could be also be reviewed by all in case any questions arise which could be addressed as part of the final report.

4. External reviewer N Grindley has agreed to review D32.2 as external reviewer (and with 4C hat on). Internal reviewer tbc by Simon

5. AOB reminder of webinar on cost models and sustainability on 13th June. Also presentation to be prepared for S Schrimpf for LIBER workshop

6. Next meeting on 13th June 11.40 (GMT).

-- KirnnKaur - 2013-06-07

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