Notes of All Hands MegaMeeting 16th August 2012


  • Simon Lambert
  • Krystina Giaretta
  • Daria Plankina
  • Sharon McMeekin
  • Orit Edelstein
  • Stefan Proell
  • Jeffery van der Hoeven
  • Olivier Rouchon
  • Hans-Ulrich Heidbrink
  • Christoph Bruch
  • Rene van Horik
  • Eefke Smit
  • Sabine Schrimpf
  • Ash Hunter
  • William Kilbride
  • Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen
  • Holger Brocks
  • Juha Lehtonen

General update

Simon Lambert reported to the partners that the main purpose of this meeting was to give some information on what has been happening during the summer and to inform everyone about the communications from the new Project Officer Manuela Speiser. We were required to submit a package of documentation, including the Year 2 plan, by the 22 July following the Month 16 Checkpoint. This was done successfully and thank you to everyone who contributed to this.

The PO has come back to us, having looked at the materials sent, with a series of e-mails and a number of requests – the text of these have been put on the Wiki. She commented on the deliverables – she accepts some of the deliverables including D44.1 but D43.1 was not accepted and she has also noticed that a couple of interim deliverables are missing. She has also commented on the Year One Periodic Report, which is well overdue. She also commented on the Year 2 Plan and our intention to revise the DOW. She broadly approves the idea of replacing Philips and Microsoft with one or more industrial partners – all these changes have to be done through just one contract amendment. In particular, we need to submit a plan by the 27 August that deals with all these issues, and submit the missing/revised deliverables (except D43.1) by the 1st September. The PMB and SL have been working on all these issues to meet the deadlines.

The first year report consists of two elements:

  • Periodic Report – this is almost complete. The Year 2 Plan needs to be a separate document and not included in the body of the first year report.
  • Form Cs – a number of e-mails have been sent to address the further details required for the Form Cs. Almost all partners have provided this information and it will be checked and followed up as necessary.

The contract amendment and DOW revision – it is not clear what the timetable for this will be, but it is unlikely to be completed before the next review. A timetable will be proposed to the PO.

Eefke Smit asked if the project was moving out of the ‘danger’ zone. Simon feels the general tone from the PO has been reasonably positive. The one thing that needs to be accepted is that APARSEN is a Network of Excellence and not an Integrated Project. The PO is aware of this but it must be transmitted to the Reviewers.

Stream 1 update

Ash Hunter gave an update on WP14. Tessella's cloud-based system has attracted some interest from the partners, and DNB has offered some test data. It was also suggested to use the OPF's "large SIP" as a test.

Ash aims to have D14.1 ready after the end of August. A specific date will have to be stated in the plan being prepared for the PO.

Ash has also been making some additions to the glossary.

David Giaretta has said he will be chasing individual partners for contributions to D16.1.

Stream 2 update

It is known that a version of D22.2(i) exists, but its exact status is unknown and needs to be clarified.

Stream 3 update

In the Year 2 plan, D36.1 is postponed by six months until the end of the year. This has to be justified and accepted by the PO.

Stream 4 update

Simon urged all partners to keep the lists of dissemination activities and publications up to date. The first of these can be accessed through the management website, while the second is at

ACTION: All to update log of dissemination activities, particularly during first year.

The PO has requested that D43.1 should be extended with training courses in languages other than English.

ACTION: All to provide the DPC team with information on non-English training courses.

Although the focus of D43.1 is on courses that are not full university degrees, Holger Brocks observed that the same issue of language will probably arise in WP42, so information on degree courses in other languages would also be welcome.

Simon reminded everyone to say if they are submitting a paper to IDCC. Rene van Horik also mentioned IPRES.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-08-17

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