Notes on APARSEN MegaMeeting Thursday 10 January 2013


  • Simon Lambert
  • David Giaretta
  • Krystina Giaretta
  • Orit Edelstein
  • John Lindström
  • Eefke Smit
  • Ash Hunter
  • Juha Lehtonen
  • Hervé L'Hours
  • Olivier Rouchon
  • Susan Reilly
  • Yannis Tzitzikas
  • Stefan Pröll
  • Sharon McMeekin
  • William Kilbride
  • Kirnn Kaur
  • Veronika Praendl-Zika
  • Frederic Darre
  • Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen
  • Christoph Bruch
  • Barbara Bazzanella
  • Sabine Schrimpf
  • Silvio Salza
  • René van Horik
  • Maurizio Lunghi
  • Chiara Cirinna
  • Holger Brocks

Revision of the DOW: Status and Actions

Members of the project management board had a meeting with Manuela Speiser in Florence in December, where she presented her comments on the draft of the revision of the DOW sent to her earlier. These were quite detailed and she followed this up with a phone call to SL a few days later when she re-iterated that she expects these comments to be addressed.

The WP leaders should have looked at these comments and made the necessary amendments accordingly. Many of the WP's have done this but there are still around WP's who still need to provide the revised text and this is now VERY URGENT. We have to submit the revised text on Monday 14 January. If the WP leaders do not provide text then, ultimately, the management board will have to provide if for them.


1. SL and members of the PMB will follow this up with the WP's concerned.

2. WP Leaders and Partners: provide short biographies of key staff, which have to appear in the DOW. This is important as we have to report annually how much time those people have spent working on the project, so this does need to be an accurate list. THIS IS VERY URGENT and is needed by tomorrow FRIDAY 11 JANUARY. SL will circulate an e-mail after the meeting with a reminder of the actions. THIS INFORMATION SHOULD BE E-MAILED TO SL.

Before Christmas, SL produced a spreadsheet, which has been uploaded to the Wiki, representing the distribution of person-months by partner an WP. This takes into account the preferences that have been expressed by the project members and reducing the number of 1 pm per WP (as the PO wishes). This will need one final revision.


1. WP Leaders, where this has not already been done, to make final revision of the text.

2. All partners to provide short biographies of key staff working on APARSEN

3. All partners to check the distribution of person months.

THIS IS INFORMATION IS NEEDED BY TOMORROW as we have to get the revised text to Manuela Speiser on Monday 14 January. SL will circulate a reminder of these three actions after the meeting. WK asked SL to circualte the list of the 8 WP's still outstanding.

ACTION: SL will circulate a reminder of these three actions after the meeting. WK asked SL to circulate the list of the 8 WP's still outstanding.

Second Year Reporting

The second Periodic Report is now due. Manuela Speiser told SL that it is not possible to do a contract amendment and reporting procedure at the same time, therefore, we need to have the contract amendment concluded in order to proceed with the second year reporting. However, everyone needs to prepare the figures for the second year now, ready to report on the NEF system once the contract amendment is approved.

STFC has received the first year payment from the EC and has actioned the finance department to make sure the payments are made to all.

ACTION: ALL - prepare figures by the end of January ready for the second year reporting.

DG said that everyone should ensure that the person-months relate to the DOW and make sure that the plans are reasonable or you will lose the money at the end of the project. DG said that ESA and CERN (or Airbus?) seem to have particularly large underspends of effort in the first two years.

Forthcoming deliverables - quick update

This rapid review was with respect to the original Description of Work and not the revised DOW. Therefore there will be some changes. SL ran through the list of all the due deliverables.

Stream 1 Integration

D11.1 & D11.2 - Second interim versions - what is proposed for the revised DOW is to have a more logical split so that 11.1 would be the Common Vision and 11.2 would be the 1VCoE. Both are due in Month 26.

D12.2 - has been deleted as a WP and is therefore terminated. WK said there is a 'Lessons Learned' report that they would like to submit and this is now complete and will be with SL shortly.

D13.1 - Holger Brocks advised that a document will be produced that can be put on the APARSEN web site, as well as the internal deliverable. DG asked whether there has been a revision in the text as MS asked for this WP to include collaboration with other projects. HB is not sure whether the revised text has been done. SL has not seen any final revisions but this needs to be done urgently.

ACTION: SL will follow up with Andreas Hundsdorfer on the actual deliverable and revision of text.

D14.1 - Ash Hunter is in the process of re-drafting this and expects to release it next week for internal review.

D15.1 & D15.2 - René organised a couple of events as internal workshops and will write up a register containing the webinars. DG suggested we should take up MS's suggestion about merging WP15 with WP11. RvH suggested having an off-line discussion about this. DG advised that we will still need to produce the deliverable as outlined in the original DOW. However, looking forward to Year 3 and 4, we have an opportunity to make the changes by merging WP15 with WP11. DG and SL will take up with issue at the PMB meeting this afternoon.

D16.1 - this has been finalised, following internal review and ready for submission.

Stream 2 Technical research

D21.1 - Sl would like to submit this deliverable in Month 26 as planned.

D22.1 - this deliverable has been submitted.

D23.1 - It was already decided to split this into two deliverables and the idea is to have a questionnaire in order to get information about the way storage systems are used. The questionnaire has been prepared by Silvio Salza and he is waiting for comments. Simon suggested that this should be integrated into a single document incorporating the other questionnaires. Silvio feels that a large questionnaire may slow down the process, even though this would avoid duplication. Silvio also asked Simon to 'push' as coordinator on this WP.

D25.1 - Barbara Bazzanella reported that the status of the deliverable is good but there are still pending actions and contributions from many partners of the WP. A table has been set up on the Wiki with the pending actions and she reminded the partners to provide the requested contributions in order to finalise the document for internal review.

D26.1 - this deliverable has been submitted.

Stream 3 Economic and legal research

D32.1 - this has been split into two parts and the first deliverable is due in Month 26. KK asked for the internal reviewers to be appointed. The second part of the WP is due in Month 30. Some deliverables have an internal reviewer nominated.

ACTION: We need to have internal reviewers in place for all deliverables and SL asked for volunteers by the end of next week otherwise he will nominate them.

D34.1 & D34.2 - have been deleted as the WP has gone.

D36.1 & D36.2 - Status unclear - SL will follow up with the partners concerned.

Stream 4 Spreading Excellence

D41.1 - John Lindstrom is working on this and collected the last reports to put together a draft of the whole document,

D42.1 - Holger Brocks said this deliverable has been delayed from its original date. The final analysis chapter is currently being written and should be submitted in time for the internal review. They hope to have something ready by the end of next week.

D43.1 - WK advised that this has been submitted and accepted by the PO.

D44.2 - Veronika P-Z is working on the annual communication report and will have the deliverable by tomorrow to send to the reviewers. She will also place this on the Wiki.

D46.1 - this no longer exists as WP46 is being merged into WP45.

VP-Z asked for all WP leaders to produce an abstract to be placed on the web site and for the newsletter. DG said we should also write a one-page summary to be used in the Sustainability brochure.

There will be no MegaMeeting next week 17th January because several partners will be in Amsterdam for IDCC.

-- KrystinaGiaretta - 2013-01-10

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