Notes on APARSEN MegaMeeting Thursday 24 January 2013


  • Simon Lambert
  • Stefan Pröll
  • Orit Edelstein
  • John Lindström
  • Holger Brocks
  • Barbara Bazzanella
  • Yannis Tzitzikas
  • René van Horik
  • Maurizio Lunghi
  • Sabine Schrimpf
  • Chiara Cirinna
  • Hans-Ulrich Heidbrink
  • Kirnn Kaur
  • Emanuele Bellini
  • Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen
  • Silvio Salza
  • Frederic Darre
  • Juha Lehtonen
  • Gerald Jäschke
  • Hervé L'Hours

Quick update on DoW revision, Year 2 reporting etc.

The Project Officer had some relatively minor comments and suggestions on the latest revised text of the DoW, and so it is hoped that a final verison can be produced quickly, and once approved the data can be entered into NEF. Simon has contacted a few individual partners from whom more information is needed.

While the contract amendment is being processed, the second year reporting cannot begin. Partners should therefore prepare their cost figures internally ready to enter into the online system once it becomes available. It is also necessary to make sure the effort reporting is complete for the second year.

ACTION: All to bring effort report in management website up to date for whole of 2012, by 31st January.

Forthcoming deliverables

Simon explained that because the review meeting is slightly later tha noriginally expected, the deadline for deliverables to be ready for internal review is Friday 15th February, allowing two weeks for review before sending to the EC and reviewers.

Internal reviewers are still needed for several deliverables (see ApanDeliverables). Volunteers should sign up on that page or email Simon.

ACTION: All to consider volunteering to be internal reviewer for one of the forthcoming deliverables, by 31st January.

Simon led a review of the status of all the forthcoming deliverables.

D14.1 Report on testing environments

  • Expanded draft just circulated; probably further revisions before internal review

D16.1 Software repository

  • Ready for submission

D36.1 Business preparedness report

  • Ready for internal review

D42.1 Report on existing initiatives and curricula regarding digital long term preservation

  • Almost complete version on wiki though needs some further work

D21.1 Design of preservation services (now: Overview of preservation services)

  • Much material exists but needs intensive work over coming weeks
  • Simon to arrange a WP meeting

D44.2 Annual report on communication activities – progress to Y2

  • Under internal review

D11.1 Report on development of Common Vision of Digital Preservation – progress to Y2

  • Needs writing up based on material such as workshop in Brussels last June and integration work
  • No internal reviewer named

D11.2 Report on the blueprint of the Virtual Centre of Excellence – progress to Y2

  • Needs writing up based on material such as workshop in Amsterdam in January
  • No internal reviewer named

D12.2 Report on lessons learned from exchange activity preparations

  • Prepared by DPC

D13.1 Report about standardisation activities – progress to Y2

  • A database of standards is being set up and will be available within a few days.
  • The deliverable document will describe the data model and how the database has been created.
  • No internal reviewer named

D15.1(i) Register of workshops and attendees

  • To be deleted
  • René proposed that there should be a single register of outreach activities in future.

D15.2(i) Collection of workshop recordings and evaluation of their possible impact on the whole community

  • To be deleted

D23.1 Storage solutions summary of inputs

  • Deliverable in progress - recent emails refer
  • This deliverable has been divided into two in the new DoW

D25.1 Interoperability objectives and approaches

  • Some contributions from partners are still awaited but basically complete
  • Ready for internal review by end of January

D32.1 Report on cost parameters for digital repositories

  • Initial draft exists, to be discussed at meeting later today
  • This deliverable has been divided into two in the new DoW

D34.1 Report on brokerage options and estimate of usage

  • To be deleted

D34.2 Brokerage server report

  • To be deleted

D36.2 Exemplar business cases for each of the stakeholder groups

  • Presumed to be for M30 rather than M26 - Simon to check

D41.1 Workshops summary report – progress to Y2

  • Draft will be ready next week for distribution to WP team
  • No internal reviewer named

D46.1(ii) International liaison communication report

  • To be deleted

Any other issues

There were some questions about use of the management website for recording effort. Simon explained that it is possible to have one person per organisation authorised to enter the figures for others, but only for the current month. It is better to have individuals enter their own figures, or to aggregate them together under one person's name with a note explaining that is what has been done.

-- SimonLambert - 2013-01-24

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