Notes on APARSEN MegaMeeting Thursday 27 June 2013


  • Simon Lambert
  • John Lindström
  • Holger Brocks
  • Patricia Herterich
  • Kirnn Kaur
  • Andreas Hundsdörfer
  • Maurizio Lunghi
  • Gerald Jäschke
  • René van Horik
  • Stefan Pröll
  • Ash Hunter
  • Barbara Bazzanella
  • Hervé L'Hours
  • Chiara Cirinna
  • Silvio Salza
  • William Kilbride
  • Frederic Darre
  • Eefke Smit
  • Veronika Praendl-Zika

This meeting was devoted to the M30 deliverables and resubmissions that must be sent to the EC at the end of June. Once these are out of the way, from next week it will be possible to take a longer view of the project issues.

Simon reported that there was a face-to-face VCoE workshop last week at Heathrow airport. Notes are being written and will be circulated to all when they are finalised by those who attended.

Management update

Most Form Cs for Year 2 have now been entered into NEF, though there are a few for which the level of detail in the explanations will nto be sufficient for the EC (missing person-month figures, lack of detail about travel, etc.). Simon is chasing the partners concerned.

Report on activities within streams, any issues arising - concentrating on forthcoming deliverables

Stream 1 Integration

Resubmission of D14.1 (Report on testing environments)

Ash Hunter has been revising the deliverable to address the reviewers' comments. He has still to add something about evidence, which is being provided by DNB. He is also including screenshots of a test data set in Preservica. He will send the deliverable to RvH and other WP14 people this afternoon. Ash and Simon agreed that the response to the review report should be made more concise, saying specifically what has been done to the deliverable, but that two important points should remain: about the alleged conflict of interest of Tessella, and about not wasting effort resurrecting dead test environments.

Stream 2 Technical research

Resubmission of D21.1 (Overview of preservation services)

Simon has produced a new complete version including contributions received. It needs some final completion and checking before submission. Simon pointed out that since the reviewers asked that this deliverable should be continually updated, we could submit a further revision before the next review meeting, filling some of the gaps that still exist.

Preparation of D23.2 (Storage solutions analysis report)

Veronica Guidetti has sent the completed version of D23.2. Last week Yannis Tzitzikas agreed to act as internal reviewer, however almost no time remians. There is a lesson for the management of production of future deliverables. Simon will see if Yannis can do a quick read-through of the deliverable before submission.

Preparation of D27.1 (due at M31)

No news.

Stream 3 Economic and legal research

Resubmission of D32.1 (Report on cost parameters for digital repositories)

No changes to be made to this deliverable.

Preparation of D32.2 (Report on testing of cost models and further analysis of cost parameters)

Kirnn reported that an external review has been done by Neil Grindley and an internal review by Ash Hunter, whcih were both very useful.

Resubmission of D36.1 (Business preparedness report)

Ready to submit.

Preparation of D36.2 (Exemplar business cases for each of the stakeholder groups)

The status of the deliverable is unclear. Simon will follow up urgently with Ruben. Kirn offered to have a look at the deliverable on Friday if necessary.

Stream 4 Spreading Excellence

Resubmission of D42.1 (Report on existing initiatives and curricula regarding digital long term preservation)

Holger reported that they have analysed and mapped the additional resources and are integrating updated findings and diagrams, and the deliverable will be finalised tomorrow. Gerald Jäschke has made a contribution about online training portals, and has devised a strategy for how to deal with community feedback. Simon will do a final check of the English language.

Preparation of D44.3 (Interactive map of stakeholders in digital preservation)

Gerald is to send a version of the deliverbale document to Simon. The deliverable itself is of type "OTHER", i.e. the interactive map itself.

Any other issues

Maurizio said that he and others are trying to establish contacts with SCAPE where there are opportunities to cooperate in the scope of WP21, 22 and 27. This should be pursued.

-- SimonLambert - 2013-06-27

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