Notes on APARSEN MegaMeeting Thursday 18 July 2013


  • Simon Lambert
  • Patricia Herterich
  • Marcel Ras
  • Orit Edelstein
  • Barbara Bazzanella
  • Mariella Guercio
  • Sabine Schrimpf
  • Juha Lehtonen
  • Kirnn Kaur
  • Ash Hunter
  • René van Horik
  • Sharon McMeekin
  • Frederic Darre
  • Andreas Hundsdoerfer
  • Yannis Tzitizkas
  • Eefke Smit
  • Hervé L'Hours
  • Gerald Jãschke

Management update

The next All Hands Meeting/General Assembly is confirmed for the week of 2-6 December 2013, and will be held at the KB in The Hague. Simon thanked Marcel Ras for offering to host these meetings. The exact start date (Monday or Tuesday) still needs to be set, and is partly dependent on the timing of an APA members' meeting.

Our Project Officer has returned form her holiday and acknowledged the receipt of the (re)submitted deliverables. The main points of her email:

  • Revised D36.1 and D32.1 are accepted
  • "The plans of how you will address Recommendation 5 and report about it are well thought through, not difficult to implement, and should have added value for the project."
  • OK to postpone D36.2 to take into account the various July events
  • Consider asking about the roles of questionnaire respondents in any future surveys, as the reviewers recommended for D36.1
  • Pleased that Neil Grindley from 4C has read D32.2
  • "In the annex to your letter, you notice some errors in the review report, e.g. the comment on D44.2. I hope we can avoid such misunderstandings in the next review when the overall situation of the project will be less confusing."
  • "The review report did not state that Tessella's commercial status would limit the achievements of work package 14, and it is not my intention to "penalise" the project."


Kirnn asked how, given that the M30 deliverables will not be formally reviewed until early next year, the project can build on them. The answer has to be that we must assume they will be accepted, and continue to work in WP11. The use of an external reviewer before submission, as we have committed ourselves to do, will improve the external validation. Ash suggested that where possible we could try to use the external reviewers to help direct the content of the deliverable, rather than just reviewing the finished product.

Yannis reported that work on D25.2 "Interoperability strategies" (due M33) is under way, and a telecon was held about use cases from DANS. The deliverable is on track even if some partners are not active. Yannis has involved one person from SCIDIP-ES and also asked feedback the emulation project (KEEPS?) for the external review. A prototype has been built, even though this was not promised in the DoW. It was agreed to submit the deliverable on time at the end of September, with a possible update later reporting on results of trials of the prototype.

-- SimonLambert - 2013-07-18

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