Notes on APARSEN MegaMeeting Thursday 29 August 2013


  • Simon Lambert
  • David Giaretta
  • Sven Schlarb
  • Daria Plankina
  • Patricia Herterich
  • Stefan Pröll
  • Holger Brocks
  • Barbara Sierman
  • Christoph Bruch
  • Barbara Bazzanella
  • Sabine Schrimpf
  • René Van Horik
  • Maurizio Lunghi
  • Krystina Giaretta
  • Juha Lehtonen
  • Sharon McMeekin
  • Kirnn Kaur

Follow-up from previous meeting, review of actions and master schedule

Final preparation for the panel session at the iPRES conference in Lisbon next week has now been completed.

Management update

The Doodle poll for dates of the next review meeting, in early March 2014, is still open at - deadline Friday 30 August. Not every partner will need to attend, of course.

Report on activities within streams, any issues arising

Stream 1 Integration

David had network problems so was unable to report on the recent activity on the common vision and planning for the VCoE.

Stream 2 Technical research

Yannis Tzitzikas has reported by email that D25.2 "Interoperability strategies" is nearly ready. Comments may be made on the deliverable and ongoing prototype at D2502Comments. Information about the prototype is available at ApanWp25#Prototype.

Stream 3 Economic and legal research

Sabine reported that WP31 and WP35 are coordinating the publicity and distribution of their two questionnaires. Both surveys will be opened during iPRES.

Stream 4 Spreading excellence

Daria reminded interested partners that a WP41 MegaMeeting will take place on 9 September for planning future events.

Holger said that only a small amount of input has been received on the conclusions of D42.1, and more is wanted. From last meeting:

"Holger has circulated an email asking for feedback on the aggregated insights of D42.1 and contributing to the discussion about possible interpretations and ways to alleviate the gaps in topical coverage. He has created a wiki page for the purpose."

Any other issues

Next week there will be no MegaMeeting as many people will be attending iPRES. Simon hopes that the following weeks (12 and 19 September) will have presentations and discussions of some recent or forthcoming deliverables: D25.2 "Interoperability strategies", D27.1 "Recommendations about scalability" and D36.2 "Exemplat business cases".

It is becoming urgent to fix the date of the next AHM (within the wek of 2-6 December). Barbara Sierman will follow up in the absence of Marcel Ras at the KB.

-- SimonLambert - 2013-08-29

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