Notes on APARSEN MegaMeeting Thursday 18 December 2014


  • Simon Lambert
  • David Giaretta
  • Eefke Smit
  • Juha Lehtonen
  • Katarina Haage
  • Kirnn Kaur
  • Hervé L'Hours
  • Holger Brocks
  • Orit Edelstein
  • Andreas Hundsdörfer
  • René van Horik
  • Gerald Jäschke
  • Barbara Bazzanella
  • Monica ?
  • Diana Pasquariello
  • Silvio Salza
  • Maurizio Lunghi
  • Christoph Bruch
  • Mariella Guercio

Management update

The EC has informed Simon that the Year 3 payment will now be made to STFC. The total payment is €360376. This is less than the total amount claimed because we have reached the limit of 90% of total budget that will be paid by the EC before the final payment; individual partners will therefore also not receive more than 90% of their totals until the final payments are made.

Concerning the final reporting, the following WP contributions to the Perioidc Report for the fourth year are still missing:

  • WP11 Common vision (STFC)
  • WP13 Coordination of common standards (ICT)
  • WP16 Common tools, software repository and marketplace (APA)
  • WP22 Identifiers and citability (FRD)
  • WP35 Data policies and governance (CSC)
  • WP43 Training courses (DPC)
  • WP44 External communications and awareness raising (ONB)

Furthermore, the following WP highlights for the whole project (which will be included in the separate final report) are also missing:

  • WP13 (ICT)
  • WP21 (STFC)
  • WP22 (FRD)
  • WP32 (BL)
  • WP35 (CSC)
  • WP36 (UPAT)
  • WP44 (ONB)

The cost claims (Form Cs) for the fourth year should be entered as soon as possible when the online system is open (Simon will notify). The hard deadline for completing reporting to the EC is 60 days after the end of the project, but obviously Simon will need time to check the costs and include them in the final reports, so the real deadline is before this (say end of January).

Final deliverables

D11.5 Report on a common vision of digital preservation (David Giaretta)

René has already done his review. Heikki Helin also volunteered at the meeting in Amsterdam.

D11.6 Virtual Centre of Excellence development (David Giaretta, Simon Lambert)

Ruben will look in detail on Monday at the version that David will send over the weekend.

D13.3 Report about standardisation activities (Andreas Hundsdörfer)

In progress - but Diana will need sufficient time to do her internal review.

D16.2 Software repository: final (David Giaretta)

David is some more work on this.

D22.4 The interoperability framework implementation with added value services (Maurizio Lunghi)

A "semi-final" draft is expected today or tomorrow.

D41.3 Event planning and summary report (Daria Sas, John Lindström)

Simon did his review but has not heard back from Daria.

D42.2 Report on definition of curricula and course contents, summary of liaison actions and co-operations (Holger Brocks)


D44.5 Annual report on communication activities (Ruben Riestra)

In progress - a draft has been circulated.

D45.2 Mapping defragmentation opportunities across key stakeholders outside APARSEN (revised version) (Eefke Smit)

Complete after internal review by Katarina Haage.

Any other issues

The meeting concluded with messages of thanks and best wishes from the participants for an interesting and enjoyable four years!


-- SimonLambert - 2014-12-18

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