Notes on APARSEN MegaMeeting Thursday 16 February 2012


  • Simon Lambert
  • David Giaretta
  • Krystina Giaretta
  • Orit Edelstein
  • Silvio Salza
  • Stefan Proell
  • Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen
  • Barbarara Bazzanella
  • Maurizio Lunghi
  • Rene van Horik
  • Christoph Bruch
  • Veronika Praendl-Zika
  • Daria Plankina
  • Patricia
  • Veronica Guidetti
  • Jane Becker
  • Eefke Smit
  • Susan Reilly
  • Sabine Schrimpf
  • Hans Pfeiffenberger


Review meeting February 2012

There is no further feedback from the meeting yet.

Review of notes from previous meeting

Review of actions

WP51 - SL reported that approximately one third of the partners have entered their figures into the NEF system. You will need to be patient when using the NEF system as it is slow. If you are having major problems, please pass your figures on to SL and he will input them for you - SL reitereated, this is only as a last resort if you are having serious problems.

WP36 - Susan Reilly reported that the University of UPAT (Giannis) has taken over this WP and there has been no follow up since the meeting in December.

WP51 - SL advised that we need the definitive figures for the first year report so Form C's need to be completed.

%ACTION{ closed="2012-04-04" closer="Main.SimonLambert" created="2012-02-16" creator="Main.DavidGiaretta" due="2012-02-28" state="closed" uid="000090" who="Main.TWikiUsers" }% WPxx : The Project Officer said that, by reading the progress report, she should be able to get a good picture of everything that has been happening. WP Leaders should check the text with this in mind to ensure the Project Officer will get an accurate picture of how the work is progressing.


WP51 - Face to Face meeting at the end of May/early June - no date or venue has yet been determined.

%ACTION{ closed="2012-04-04" closer="Main.SimonLambert" created="2012-02-16" creator="Main.DavidGiaretta" due="2012-03-15" state="closed" uid="000091" who="Main.DavidGiaretta, ReneVanHorik" }% WP51 : A Doodle Poll will be set up to determine the date for the next Face to Face meeting.


WP52 - Reminder to check the Risk Register each month.

WP44 - Veronika P-Z reminded everyone to send slides and text to include in the Communication Plan

Administrative matters

Effort reporting

Everyone should continue to update their effort each month.

First year reporting including cost statements

Upcoming deliverables

SL said that we need to do an Internal Review of the deliverables and would like volunteers to carry out the reviews of deliverables that are due at Month 14. If there are no volunteeers then he will name some people to do the reviews. The due deliverables need to be ready for internal review by the end of next week.

WP12 - We have been advised that WK is thinking of making this available very soon.

%ACTION{ closed="2012-04-04" closer="Main.SimonLambert" created="2012-02-16" creator="Main.DavidGiaretta" due="2012-02-28" state="closed" uid="000092" who="Main.DavidGiaretta" }% WP16 - DG will deliver Month 14 deliverables.


%ACTION{ closed="2012-04-04" closer="Main.SimonLambert" created="2012-02-16" creator="Main.DavidGiaretta" due="2012-02-28" state="closed" uid="000093" who="Main.DavidGiaretta, SimonLambert" }% WP13 and WP17 : D13.1 & D17.1 - DG/SL to follow up on obtaining draft reports.


WP24 - D24.1 was presented in draft at the Review. SS advised that they had posted the final version of 24.1 for comments, which have now been incorporated. SS was waiting for the formal communication from the Reviewers and once this has been received, they will release it. They are working on 24.2 and planned to have a draft by 15 February but this has now moved to the end of February.

WP26 - Hans Pfeiffenberger advised that the Reviewers were happy with their report and it was written into the report that an extension was required to obtain more evidence. There did not appear to be any objections and so the deliverable date has been extended by four months.

WP33 - Hans P advised that 33.1A deliverable is virtually finished but they have added a sub chapter which was relevant to the peer review. This was submitted to SL and DG for internal review.

33.1 - Waiting for further comment from the test audit repositories. The hold up is due to the availability of people from the test audits. DG has asked for the additional text from DSA and Sabine (DIN). This should be completed by the beginning of March. DG asked everyone to mark up the document that was submitted to the Reviewers and get back to him with these.

WP41 - John Lindstrom said he would draft something for D41.1. Daria Plankina said they are trying to formulate plans to include events like the annual conference in Estonia and asked DG if he could be one of the reviewers for this deliverable.

WP43 - DG advised that one of the things causing consternation among the Reviewers was the impression that there was an exclusive focus on audit and certification training. It has therefore been decided to address these issues by splitting out the type of training. PTAB will go ahead with this training, separately from APARSEN, to certify auditors for ISO 16363. The APARSEN training will be more general, in line with the European Framework, and include some audit and certification within the whole training programme.

WP13 - VP-Z asked that, when delivering the Internal Reports, could everyone produce a short half-page summary so that this material can be used for communications activity.

%ACTION{ closed="2012-03-01" closer="Main.DavidGiaretta" created="2012-02-16" creator="Main.DavidGiaretta" due="2012-02-20" state="closed" uid="000094" who="Main.VeronikaPraendlZika" }% WPxx : VP-Z will send out an e-mail reminder to all partners about providing a half page summary of their WP's.



Any other topics

Rene vH asked if we need an internal meeting during the year. We could combine this with a public meeting, to include people from outside the APARSEN project. Eefke said that WP45, concerning stakeholders outside the project, is planning to do a Webinar in Month 16, presenting the most important deliverables to date and bringing together the 'Trust' work packages. We could align with either internal or external workshops. DG said that we have a commitment to consult and get feedback rather than do lots of surveys and use our resources efficiently. We need to plan a date for the WP's to present to the External Advisory Committee.

%ACTION{ closed="2012-04-05" closer="Main.DavidGiaretta" created="2012-02-16" creator="Main.DavidGiaretta" due="2012-03-15" state="closed" uid="000095" who="Main.DavidGiaretta, ReneVanHorik" }% WP51 : DG/ES/RvH will talk offline to discuss a planned progamme for meetings with the EAC.


VP-Z is currently working on a list of conferences in the field of digital preservation and suggested that maybe workshops could be included in these. She will provide a draft of this list tomorrow and would like everyone to add to this list.

%ACTION{ closed="2013-04-30" closer="" created="2012-02-16" creator="Main.DavidGiaretta" due="2012-02-28" notify="" state="closed" uid="000096" who="Main.TWikiUsers" }% WP41: ALL - Please advise John Lindström if any forthcoming events he can include in his list of conferences.


DG said that the Common Vision deliverable is missing. He has put a collection of ideas on the Wiki as an initial draft and if people have any ideas about 'Common Vision, please add these to the Wiki.

%ACTION{ closed="2013-04-30" closer="Main.DavidGiaretta" created="2012-02-16" creator="Main.DavidGiaretta" due="2012-02-28" state="closed" uid="000097" who="Main.TWikiUsers" }% WP11 : ALL - If people have any ideas about 'Common Vision, please add these to the Wiki page set up by DG.


Maurizio said that, following the comments from the Review, he asked for input to validate the model and possible technical approaches and solutions.

-- KrystinaGiaretta - 2012-02-16

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