Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 10th May 2012

Present: David Giaretta, Simon Lambert, William Kilbride, Christoph Bruch, Maurizio Lunghi
Apologies: Veronika Praendl-Zika

David reported that our Project Officer Liina Munari is likely to transfer to another unit. David will contact her informally around the end of May to check on the M16 checkpoint and to talk about developments consequent on her departure. In the meantime it was agreed to formally invite Liina (or her successor) to attend part of the meeting in June.

ACTION: Simon to invite PO to attend part of the meeting in June.

Task force on common vision

The task force is inactive until the situation with the external consultant is clarified. We were expecting a further proposal from him but nothing has arrived.

ACTION: David to follow up with the external consultant Jonathan Clark.

Christoph queried the lifetime of the task force, and expressed a wish not to have parallel management structures. The original intention was that the task force should work specifically towards producing some input for the meeting in June, and its lifetime might be extended beyond that by the General Assembly, and this still stands.

At William's request, David talked through the plan he had circulated earlier by email. David emphasized that the basic approach is in the DoW, but an approach to integration and buy-in from all partners are needed. Hildelies Balk has offered to take forward the work specifically on a VCoE.

There was discussion of the specific role of the facilitator at the meeting in June, and how much preparation is needed. The idea is he should focus on the process and obtaining buy-in, rather than pushing a particular view of digital preservation. Christoph suggested the need for someone internal to the project who could continue to take the process forward after the meeting.

ACTION: David to produce short summary of the overall process towards the common vision.

The meeting in June

ACTION: David/Simon to produce draft agenda for the meeting June.

One of the major topics for the GA meeting will be possible redistribution of budget and effort. Proposals should be solicited in advance.

ACTION: Simon to request from WP leaders proposals for extra resource, reallocation of person-months, transfer of person-months to cash, and identification of inactive partners.

There is an issue of whether to discuss this with Liina first: although it would be valuable to know what sort of changes she would be happy with, David is reluctant to approach her with proposals until the outcome of the M16 checkpoint is known.

William suggested that as a back-up the GA could authorise the PMB to formulate a detailed plan and talk to the PO if needed.

David observed that one ostensible reason for keeping the extra money released by Philips is to bring in new partners - we might not have a completely free hand in distributing this budget.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-05-10

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