Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 24th May 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, Hans Pfeiffenberger, Maurizio Lunghi, Veronika Praendl-Zika, Hildelies Balk
Apologies: David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Christoph Bruch

Actions from previous meeting

Simon reported that he asked the Project Officer Liina Munari about subcontracting to the external facilitator for the meeting in June, and she did not expect there would be a problem with claiming the cost in due course, providing it was properly justified.

Preparation for the meeting in June

Simon explained that according to the method of working proposed by Jonathan Clark a preliminary questionnaire will be produced for all partners to fill in prior to the meeting. The formulation of this questionnaire could be a job for the task force on the common vision.

Later the same day Jonathan Clark circulated a draft of the survey to members of the task force.

Veronika is not yet clear how parallel sessions are to be organised and run during the meeting.

ACTION: David to explain how he expects parallel sessions to work.

There was a discussion of what preparation is needed for the meeting. Stream leaders and WP leaders will need to prepare for their sessions. These should not be too formal, should minimse the number of slides, and should be oriented towards stimulating discussion.

ACTION: Hildelies to propose a template (three slides) for structuring the WP sessions.

ACTION: Simon to inform WP leaders of the need to prepare for their session.

Hildelies requested confirmation of a slot on the third day (the GA meeting) for a session on the Virtual Centre of Excellence, separate from the common vision discussions. Simon expressed some doubts about whether the agenda of the GA meeting would allow for such a session, but eventually it was agreed that it would be possible to have at least one hour on the VCoE.

WP leaders' requests for reallocation of budget/effort, and inactive partners

Simon has received proposals from several WP leaders. A couple have requested some extra time, until the end of this week, and when Simon has the full set he will collate them, initially for the PMB and then for a paper to the GA meeting.

Task force on common vision

As above - role in formulating questionnaire prior to the meeting in June.

Individual stream issues

William (Stream 1) was not present but had requested by email that it should be noted that he has requested a plan for WP11.

Maurizio (Stream 2) observed that there is a lack of real cooperation within Stream 2. He will press the WP leaders, and sees the meeting in June as an opportunity to reinforce this.

Hans (Stream 3) also thinks that parallel sessions at the meeting could be an opportunity to build relationships between WPs in the streams.

Veronika (Stream 4) reported that a slot has been obtained for APARSEN in the Open Access Days in Vienna in September. This event could be used to talk about standardisation results mainly from WP13. However Hans thought we should not be too technical in this workshop, given the audience, and the general "trust" topic would appeal to OA people, so only half the session will be on standards.

Any other business

Veronika asked whether the PMB is continuing with "traffic light" reporting on WPs. The question should be put to the GA: whether this should be a formal part of reporting or not, and how to implement.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-05-24

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