Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 9th August 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, Christoph Bruch, Maurizio Lunghi (part of the time)
Apologies: William Kilbride, Hans Pfeiffenberger, Veronika Praendl-Zika

The main focus of this meeting was the actions requested by the new Project Officer Manuela Speiser following the response to the Month 16 checkpoint, with some discussion of forthcoming deliverables at the end.

Timetable of actions

Simon talked through his paper summarising the actions required and the deadlines. It was agreed that this was a complete summary of what is needed.

Revision of deliverables and website

ACTION: Simon to make editorial amendments to all public deliverables (removing IST logo etc.).

The PO has requested that D43.1 "Survey for the assessment of training material/ Assessment of digital curation requirements" should be extended to include at least 40 initiatives in languages other than English. The most efficient way to do this is to encourage all partners to list initiatives in their own countries.

ACTION: William to urge all partners in non-English speaking countries to provide lists of training initiatives (not full degree courses).

The PO has noted that D46.1 "International liaison communication report" and D44.2 "Annual report on communication activities" in their first interim versions have not been submitted. Concerning the former, David noted that only a small amount of effort has been recorded, and that there is a collection of contacts which he will put on the wiki for additions to be made.

ACTION: David to put list of contacts for D46.1 on the wiki.

Concerning D44.2, the DoW envisages a first interim version at M24, though there seems no good reason why there should not be one at M12. It was agreed to await Veronika's return from vacation to clarify the situation of this deliverable. In the meantime the list of known activities should be circulated with a request for additions.

ACTION: Veronika to clarify situation of D44.2 (interim version after first year).

ACTION: Simon to circulate list of recorded communication activities and ask for additions.

Regarding the public website, David observed that the page for public results requested by the PO is already present. Many of her other requests are easily addressed. However we should emphasize that the evolution of the website is being taken care of by a task force, and will reflect the evolving understanding of the VCoE. David reported that he is about to have discussions with some web designers.

ACTION: David to make small changes to public website to satisfy PO's requests.

Revision of DoW

There was a discussion of the priorities and timetable proposed by Simon in his paper for the PMB. David was concerned that spending significant effort on the DoW in December and January might detract from work on the deliverables that will be due soon thereafter.

It is clear that finalisation of the formalities of the withdrawal of Philips and Microsoft is very urgent, and should proceed without delay.

ACTION: Simon to follow up withdrawal of Philips and Microsoft: obtaining formal letters etc.

Christoph asked about other inactive partners. (Confidential discussion)

It was agreed that for the deadline of 27 August we should produce a timeline for revision of the DoW to present to the PO.

David stressed the importance of having the reviewers understand and accept that APARSEN is not an Integrated Project. We must ensure that the PO conveys this message to the reviewers.

ACTION: Simon to expand the outline of the document to the PO for the 27 August deadline along the lines discussed.

Revision of Periodic Report (first year)

The PO has identified a number of WPs where little or no progress is reported. Simon observed that the PO has a different intepretation of the numbering of months from ours, which does make a difference in some cases.

In WP16, there was indeed no effort and no progress to report in the first year because of the dependency on WP14.

The amount of effort booked to WP21 in the first year was very small indeed.

Although it is true that WP45 as described in the DoW is not specifically concerned with setting up the EAC, good work has been done on this, and the EAC members are indeed "other stakeholders". We should now capitalise on that by for example organising webinars for the EAC members, or asking for comments on early drafts of deliverables.

ACTION: Simon to chase other WP leaders as needed to see if the first year reports should be expanded.

ACTION: Simon to check how the Year 2 plan should be presented, given that the PO has requested its removal from the first Periodic Report.

Forthcoming deliverables

There was a quick survey of deliverables that are now (over)due or will be due by the end of the year.

Christoph confirmed that work is proceeding on D26.1, though little input has been received from other partners. It will probably be ready in the middle of September.

David said he is planning to contact individual partners to obtain inputs for D14.1, D16.1 and D21.1.

ACTION: Christoph to clarify status of D36.1.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-08-10

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