Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 16th August 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Christoph Bruch
Apologies: Maurizio Lunghi, Hans Pfeiffenberger, Veronika Praendl-Zika

The main focus of the meeting was the short-term actions needed to satisfy the requests of the Project Officer following the response to the Month 16 checkpoint.

Review of actions from previous meeting

Simon has nearly finished making the requested edits to the public deliverables to be made available on the website (removing IST logo etc.). (He finished this later the same day.)

David has not yet put a list of contacts for D46.1 on the wiki. He has a long list from Eefke Smit and wants to check if it is acceptable to upload it to the wiki. This list will also be a basis for distributing the newsletter.

ACTION (ongoing): Veronika to clarify situation of D44.2 (interim version after first year).

Simon has requested an update from all partners on communication activities.

Simon has contacted Microsoft (Alex Wade) to obtain a formal letter of withdrawal, but has not yet had a reply. It was agreed to wait another week or so before pursuing other channels. A letter from Philips is already available.

ACTION (ongoing): Simon to check how the Year 2 plan should be presented, given that the PO has requested its removal from the first Periodic Report.

Christoph and David summarised what they had found about WP36 and D36.1. In the new Year 2 plan, D36.1 is deferred by six months, but we need to make sure that the PO accepts this postponement. It is very important that the deliverable should be available for the review.

The plan needed by 27th August

Simon emphasized that where the plan makes commitments, for example about dates of submission of deliverables, it is essential that they be fulfilled.

ACTION: All to review and comment on the response to the PO for 27th August, while Simon refines it.

David expressed concern about the plan for revision of the DoW, which seems to entail a lot of work on the DoW just when many deliverables will be prepared early in 2013. Simon explained that the replanning should take place earlier than that, and that the effort in Jan/Feb would be rewriting based on these plans and could be done mostly by the coordinator.

The first year periodic report

Simon reported that a good response has been received from almost all partners to the requests for other information for the Form Cs.

ACTION: Simon to revise first year narrative report as requested by PO.

Urgent deliverables

ACTION: Simon to produce initial drafts of D44.2 and D46.1.

ACTION: Simon to amend D44.1 as requested by PO.

The public website

David reported that most of the PO's requested changes to the website can be done easily, but we must explain that it is part of a wider effort to develop the website.

Any other issues

Christoph asked about the3 status of WP34 (Brokerage services). We need to say something specific in our response to the PO. The WP has only a small amount of effort per partner and Christoph would be happy to drop it.

It might be desirable for Simon to contact the PO by telephone next week and discuss issues such as WP34 and D36.1.

Simon said he will be away from 24th to 30th August. The intention is to finalise the documents by then so that he can submit them to the PO; however if necessary David in his STFC role could do that.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-08-17

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