Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 23rd August 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, Christoph Bruch
Apologies: William Kilbride, Maurizio Lunghi, Hans Pfeiffenberger, Veronika Praendl-Zika

The main focus of the meeting was the short-term actions needed to satisfy the requests of the Project Officer following the response to the Month 16 checkpoint.

The plan needed by 27th August

The draft of this document on the wiki was discussed and several amendments agreed.

It was agreed that all "overdue" deliverables will be submitted in a batch at the end of September. It was also agreed that the first year periodic report and Form Cs will be submitted on 1st September. We will do our best to obtain missing figures from ESA and Airbus but will submit without them if necessary.

David urged that the revision of the DoW should be completed by in December, to leave January and February free for work on the M26 deliverables.

It was noted that WP34 (brokerage) might be deleted in the revision of the DoW.

ACTION: Simon to make agreed changes, all (at least Christoph and David) to check, Simon to send to PO today.

The first year periodic report

It was agreed to submit the first year report and Form Cs by 1st September.

ACTION: David (in Simon's absence next week) to chase ESA and Airbus for missing information for Form Cs.

Urgent deliverables

D44.1, D44.2(i) and D46.1(i) are to be submitted by 1st September.

It is necessary to insert some "SMART" targets for the public website and scientific publications into D44.1.

ACTION: All to think of SMART targets for D44.1.

Issues for General Assembly meeting 17 September

This was not discussed. However the PMB should meet again early in the week of 3rd September for this purpose.

ACTION: Simon to set Doodle poll and choose date for PMB meeting to fix agenda for GA meeting.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-08-23

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