Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 30th August 2012

Present: David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Christoph Bruch, Maurizio Lunghi, Veronika Praendl-Zika Apologies: Hans Pfeiffenberger, Simon Lambert

Review of actions from previous meeting

ACTION from 20120816 STATUS
Veronika to clarify situation of D44.2 (interim version after first year). DONE
Simon to check how the Year 2 plan should be presented, given that the PO has requested its removal from the first Periodic Report. DONE
All to review and comment on the response to the PO for 27th August, while Simon refines it. DONE
Simon to revise first year narrative report as requested by PO. DONE
Simon to produce initial drafts of D44.2 and D46.1. DONE
Simon to amend D44.1 as requested by PO. DONE
ACTION from 20120823 STATUS
Simon to make agreed changes, all (at least Christoph and David) to check, Simon to send to PO today. DONE
David (in Simon's absence next week) to chase ESA and Airbus for missing information for Form Cs. DONE
All to think of SMART targets for D44.1. in progress
Simon to set Doodle poll and choose date for PMB meeting to fix agenda for GA meeting. DONE

The first year periodic report (by 1st September)

Narrative report

SL has completed this

Form Cs / answer to Silvio

We have heard from both ESA and AIRBUS - it looks likely that we will be able to complere the FORM C's. They have been set a deadline for midday Friday 1st Sept.

SL will email that the Form C's have been submitted and we will chase organisations better next year.

Urgent deliverables (by 1st September)

D44.1 Communications plan

Need 2 rows for success indicators: we will justify numbers based on previous performances:
  • Web site visitors - SL/DG contacting similar websites
  • scientific publications - VP-Z will contact other NOEs or look at web sites

D44.2(i) Annual report on communication activities

Last checks needed to see if anything has been omitted.

D46.1(i) International liaison communication report

DG awaiting more detailed info from BL

Further steps with the Commission

  • awaiting any further feedback from PO on Y2+ plan (content and how to present it)
  • SL will create draft V2 of DoW by putting info from Y2+ plan into DoW
    • this will be further refined, especially further details for the rest of year 3 and 4
    • it seems clear the PO wants DoW revision completed by end of year.
  • we also need to continue less formal communications with PO to ensure that the APARSEN view of the DoW is understood and accepted

Formal procedure for acceptance of changes to the DoW (email from Ruben 28.08.)

PO has said "The formalities are not complicated or time consuming."

How to improve project management (responsibility and roles of WP leaders and make them aware of)

  • ACTION SL/JB will prepare an initial draft of WP leads' responsibilities
  • ACTION DG put Red/Amber/Green traffic lights on front page of wiki
  • ACTION SL to put wiki version of Y2+ plan on wiki with space for comments

How to deal with the minutes of the last GA meeting as they do not reflect our decisions correctly

  • ACTION VP-Z will re-send her comments
  • ACTION KG will check audio recordings

Rework of DoW (responsibility of the PMB members in general and in terms of preparing the new DoW, clear tasks for persons,)

See above

GA preparation (date for extra PMB meeting, agenda)

  • ACTION SL will email further info on Friday 1st Sept

Any other issues


-- DavidGiaretta - 2012-08-30

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