Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 27th September 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, Maurizio Lunghi.
Apologies: William Kilbrdie, Hans Pfeiffenberger, Christoph Bruch, Veronika Praendl-Zika.

As there were only three PMB members present the agenda was not followed precisely nor were all items discussed.

The four deliverables for submission at end of September

Although D22.2(i) is finished, David pointed out that it does not say anything about user satisfaction, despite its title. Maurizio clarified that WP22 has now defined services on the basis of user requirements, and the next step, represented in the final deliverable, will be to implement and check satisfaction. David emphasized that this must be made clear in the deliverable.

ACTION: Simon to add explanation of the scope of D22.1(i) to the introduction of the deliverable, and check with Maurizio before submission.

David is in contact with Ash Hunter about D14.1.

The sodtware repository D16.1 exists on the public web pages, but it should be described in a deliverable document.

ACTION: Simon to write short document to be submitted as D16.1.

News is awaited from the AFPUM team about the state of D26.1.

The best plan seems to be to submit D16.1 and D22.2(i) as soon as possible (within a week) and explain to the PO the reasons for the delays in D14.1 and D26.1.

Cooperation with other projects/initiatives

Veronika had circulated a proposal for setting up cooperation with other projects/initiatives. Everyone was very happy with this and suggested to proceed.

MegaMeetings and other management issues

Maurizio made some suggestions for the operational management of the project:

  • PMB meetings could be made more efficient by circulating papers in advance
  • Production of deliverables should be monitored well in advance, with a clear schedule for production and internal review
  • Preparation of the second year cost statements should begin well in advance to avoid the long delays experienced after the first year
  • The PMB should implement closer monitoring of the progress of activities.

Simon accepted these suggestions.

Maurizio also proposed a change in the way that the weekly MegaMeetings are used. After discussion, the following plan was agreed by those present.

  • Instead of a general meeting with the same agenda every week, there should be one general meeting a month.
  • The other three meetings should have particular focusses, which would be planned by the PMB in advance.
  • Typically the focus of these meetings would be on topic areas such as sustainability, and the involved WP partners would be expected to attend.
  • Special focusses might also be chosen such as preparation for an All Hands Meeting.

In this way the active involvement of WP leaders and other partners would be encouraged.

ACTION: Simon to propose the new approach to MegaMeetings first to the other PMB members then to the whole membership.

ACTION: Simon to remind everyone that MegaMeeting is available for all to use at any time for APARSEN-related meetings.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-09-27

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