Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 11th October 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Maurizio Lunghi, Christoph Bruch, Veronika Praendl-Zika.

Review of actions from previous meeting

It was agreed that, as an experiment, the slot for next week's general MegaMeeting will be devoted to a Stream 2 meeting of work package leaders.

ACTION: Simon to inform everyone of the focus of the next weekly MegaMeeting.

ACTION: Maurizio to prepare agenda.

There was a discussion of the need for APARSEN to have a policy and mechanism for preserving its own outputs. The conclusion was that this is covered in WP11 and is part of the VCoE, while some Stream 2 WPs contribute to it. We should make sure it is covered in the Year 2+ plan.

Implications of informal discussion with Project Officer

There was a discussion of possible reviewers to suggest to Manuela. Possibilities are: Neil Beagrie, someone from EUDAT or PaN-data, someone from OPF, PrestoCentre or IMPACT.

Organising the All Hands Meeting

It is clear that the parallel sessions at the AHM will need a moderator to make sure the important questions are answered. The session on Streams 1+4 will be moderated by Veronika, while Simon will moderate the session on sustainability.

ACTION: PMB members to refine and specify the key questions for each AHM session over the next week.

ACTION: Simon to set up table for people to sign up to parallel sessions, then PMB will review.

There is a question of whether we need a face-to-face workshop to progress work on the VCoE. A virtual meeting might suffice. Veronika suggested the cultural heritage conference in Florence on 11th-12th December, where several APARSEN people will be present. The problem is that the programme is already very full.

ACTION: Maurizio and Veronika to investigate possibility of workshop on VCoE during conference in December.

Term of office of Stream Leaders

The general feeling was that it is a good idea to have annual election of Stream Leaders, even if it is preferable to keep the Stream Leaders for reasons of continuity.

The plan is to have the GA approve the principle in November, then hold an election in April when the Stream Leaders will have been in office for one year.

Veronika announced that she and her ONB management have considered her position on the PMB and she will continue.

Approach to revision of DoW

The best approach to revision of the DoW seems to be asking WP leaders to edit the text which will be put on the wiki, using "insert" and "delete" mark-up so it is clear what has been changed.

Maurizio proposed that WP leaders should focus on the Year 2+ plan and the coordinator should produce the revised DoW from that, but Simon pointed out the difficulties with this approach. The conclusion was that WP leaders should edit their WP text directly, and then the coordinator/Stream Leaders will check for consistency with the Y2+ plan.

ACTION: Simon to prepare DoW text on wiki and ask WP leaders to revise it.

The GA will be asked to approve major changes at the meeting in November.

The budget of Philips and IKI-RAS is available for reuse, but the priority is to deliver the work that the withdrawing partners would have done. However it might be possible to use some budget for strengthening the coordination/PMB.

ACTION: Simon to calculate how much budget is released by the departure of Philips and IKI-RAS, and how many person-months that would be.

There are some concerns about WPs spending a large amount of effort with little to show, especially WP41.

ACTION: Simon to produce summary of effort bookings in the second year.

ACTION: Simon to contact WP41 leader expressing concerns about effort vs. results.

Stakeholder strategy and possible stakeholder database

Not discussed.

Introducing WP monitoring

Not discussed.

Any other issues

-- SimonLambert - 2012-10-13

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