Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 18th October 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, Juan Bicarregui, David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Maurizio Lunghi, Christoph Bruch, Veronika Praendl-Zika.

Review of actions from previous meeting

There was discussion of the possibility of a face-to-face workshop on the VCoE during the conference in Florence in December. The conference programme is very full, but it would be possible to meet on Friday 14th, though this would mean a large commitment of time for those attending the conference.

Nominations for third reviewer

Manuela Speiser has suggested Stefan Strathmann as a possible reviewer. However he is a board member of APA and so probably ineligible.

ACTION: Simon to draft email to PO with our suggestions for reviewers (Neil Beagrie, Prof. Eigner of Kaiserslautern, someone from EUDAT).

Although Liina Munari suggested a "pre-review" meeting, the situation has now changed. Juan suggested that instead we should propose a meeting with the PO to communicate the "headlines" of the review, rather than having all the deliverables on the table. This was agreed.

Preparing for the All Hands Meeting

ACTION: All to propose and expand questions/outcomes wanted from sessions at AHM.

Veronika will need a co-moderator for the Stream 1+4 session. She and William will discuss.

It was agreed to hold a PMB meeting during the days in Frascati.

ACTION: Simon to seek time slot for PMB meeting in Frascati.

Approach to revision of DoW

Christoph proposed that a separate meeting of the PMB, probably face-to-face, will be needed to finalise the revision of the DoW. The week of 4th December may be possible. It is recognised that more travel money is needed for PMB members.

ACTION: Simon to ask the PO's view on our proposal for assignment of the Philips and IKI-RAS budget: about half for PMB effort and travel, and half for substituting the work of Philips.

ACTION: Simon to calculate how much budget is available from Philips and IKI-RAS withdrawal.

ACTION: Simon to set up poll for date for possible PMB face-to-face meeting to finalise DoW after Frascati.

The General Assembly will approve resource changes. It is possible that the GA will need to be asked to make final decisions after the meeting in Frascati (remotely rather than face-to-face). The GA should be informed of this possibility.

Stakeholder strategy and possible stakeholder database

Veronika introduced a discussion of stakeholder strategy. This is arising in several places in Stream 4. Gerald Jäschke has offered to make a start with a stakeholder database for the interactive map but really it is a strategic decision on how we want to handle it as a kind of "customer relationship management". Thew communication plan already categorises stakeholders.

ACTION: Veronika to summarise the issues about stakeholders in writing for the PMB.

Introducing WP monitoring

Again there was no time for this. William would like to see this discussed at the next meeting though.

New PMB member as successor for AFPUM

Christoph noted that it is an obligation on the PMB to fill the role of Stream 3 leader.

ACTION: Simon to solicit nominations for Stream 3 leader in advance of the meeting.

Any other issues

-- SimonLambert - 2012-10-19

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