Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 2nd November 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Maurizio Lunghi.

Review of actions and decisions from previous meeting

The proposal for monthly WP reporting and quarterly effort reporting is on the agenda of the General Assembly meeting for approval.

Revision of the DoW

Simon presented a timetable for completion of the DoW revision by the end of the year. It was approved as a guiding plan for what needs to be done by when.

ACTION: Simon to circulate timetable for DoW revision to all.

ACTION: Simon to circulate "user guide" to the material on the wiki relating to the DoW revision.

In response to query from Maurizio, Simon confirmed that the Y2+ plan and the DoW are closely linked.

Maurizio argued that some common policies should be introduced in the Y2+ plan and DoW: on use of a common glossary, and on trusted digital repositories for our own publications. These intersect many WPs. It was agreed to mention this in the introductory presentation on DoW revision at the GA meeting.

David suggested a LOCKSS-type approach to our publications, and warned against introducing another kind of certification for trusted repositories. The material will be mostly documents but also some other types including training material and software. William had some concern about preserving training resources. He argued that at present what is needed is a sustainability plan, rather than decide right now on what is to be done.

Face-to-face meeting to finalise DoW, and possible discussions with Project Officer in Florence in December

It was agreed to accept the PO's suggestion of meeting in Florence at the Cultural Heritage conference in December to review the revised DoW with her. Simon will also attend.

ACTION: Simon to recirculate poll for possible meeting of PMB members.

Preparing for the All Hands Meeting

William has updated the wiki for the session on Streams 1+4, with names against tasks. More people for this session would be desirable.

ACTION: William/Simon to chase individuals to join the Stream 1+4 session at the AHM.

Replacing Stream 3 leader

No nominations have been received to date.

Suggestions for third reviewer

Names suggested included: Marius Synders (PrestoCentre), Costantinos Thanos (DELOS), Vittore Casarose (DELOS), Carlo Meghini (CASPAR), Daniel Teruggi (INA).

ACTION: Simon to list names on wiki and solicit more suggestions.

Setting up WP email lists

It was agreed to investigate how to set up individual WP lists where the WP leader wants one. Preferable there should be an archive that is accessible to all.

Any other issues

It was agreed that the PMB would meet on Wednesday evening in Frascati, possibly with an informal gathering over lunch on the same day.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-11-02

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