Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 22nd November 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Maurizio Lunghi, Veronika Praendl-Zika.

Review of notes and actions of previous meeting

The actions from last time had all been done. William had asked Andrea Hundsdorfer about Airbus in WP13 but had had no reply so far; however Hans-Ulrich Heidbrink said this morning that they were active with their LOTAR work. David offered to talk to Jean-Yves Delaunay to see how an improved flow of information might be achieved.

Progress with review preparation

ACTION: Simon to ask WP leaders to provide a few bullet points about their future planning, to present at the review if appropriate.

David asked how we submit our Year 3 plan to the EC. It is not a deliverable nor does it form part of the second year Periodic Report, This is something else to ask Manuela in Florence.

Agenda of the review meeting: agreed to lead with common vision/!VCoE to place work in context. It is not quite clear how to organise the bulk of the presentations; Streams are probably not the right way. Maurizio suggested emphasizing the response to the previous review; but that would bring a negative element, and two of the reviewers will be different.

Ruben's opinion will be valuable here.

It was agreed to have a rehearsal of two days preceding the review meeting.

ACTION: Simon to draft review agenda, with timings, and all to comment.

Progress with revision of the DoW

ACTION: Simon to clarify IKI-RAS funding and amount claimed.

ACTION: Simon to set up spreadsheet showing budget available and requested transfers, as basis for final decisions.

It was agreed that recording of future workshops is a worthwhile use of money and should if possible be included in the revised DoW.

ACTION: Simon to remind WP leaders to finalise the editing of their WP descriptions, and make sure they relate to the decisions made and issues raised in Frascati.

ACTION: Stream Leaders to examine revised text of their WPs for scope, coherence, etc.

Working groups and meetings on common vision and VCoE

David had contacted some people to set up a working group on the common vision. Next he will put up a wiki page with a description of what he talked about last week, and will poll for a virtual meeting before the meeting with Manuela.

William argued (and David agreed) that the common vision and VCoE activities should be kept separate. Simon observed that a detailed timetable for both acticities will be needed.

One of the weekly MegaMeetings could be devoted to the common vision, but it would need planning. David pointed out the working group will need some time to do some work before involving all partners.

Maurizio initiated a discussion of how individual WPs feed into the common vision/!VCoE. This will be followed up by email.

ACTION: Simon to combine the detailed timetables for the review preparation and DoW revision into one, broken down by weeks, and to include preparation of the review presentations..

Focus of forthcoming weekly MegaMeetings

A proposal was made but perhaps not agreed:

  • 29th November DoW revision
  • 6th December common vision

Introducing monthly WP reporting

ACTION: Simon to set up the agreed monthly reporting template for all WPs.

Preservation policy for APARSEN's outputs

No discussion.

Any other issues


-- SimonLambert - 2012-11-22

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