Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 20th December 2012

Present: Simon Lambert, William Kilbride, Maurizio Lunghi, Veronika Praendl-Zika.

Status of DoW revision

Following up the general MegaMeeting in the morning ...

Simon noted that there are two WPs that are intending to extend their work and divide their deliverable int two: WP23 and WP32.

Veronika said that WP44 will produce an additional deliverable for the interactive map.

Manuela Speiser suggested moving the website from WP52 to WP44, and no one could think of a reason for not doing that, so a new task will be created in WP44, with leader APA, and David should transfer an appropriate amount of effort from WP52.

Maurizio asked where the justification of the extra resources for WP22 should appear. Simon said this should be presented in the revised summary document that will accompany the DoW.

William noted that WP12 will produce a short report on lessons learnt, and this should be a formal deliverable. He also reported that D43.1 is now ready for submission to the EC following its revision.

Year 2 reporting

No particular action needed now, other than Simon to remind all partners to prepare their second year costs.

Any other follow-up from discussion with Manuela Speiser

ACTION: Simon to find date and location for review preparation meeting.

Meeting of available partners at IDCC in Amsterdam

Simon suggested a meeting of available partners at IDCC in Amsterdam on the morning of Thursday 17th January, before the APARSEN workshop in the afternoon, to progress the VCoE by involving a group of partners. This will need preparation and a methodology.

ACTION: Simon to annouce meeting in Amsterdam and to find suitable venue.

Any other issues

There is a need for a plan or roadmap for future meetings, including those envisaged in the plan for the common vision/!VCoE. These need not all be face-to-face meetings but could be webinars.

Veronika said that D44.2(ii) will be sent to Stream 4 members tomorrow, and should be complete after internal review by the end of January.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-12-20

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