Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 10th January 2013

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Sabine Schrimpf, Veronika Praendl-Zika.

Status of DoW revision

David pointed out that all intermediate deliverables should be presented as full "official" deliverables, because then they can be accepted by the EC and the corresponding costs approved—rather than delaying acceptance to the end of the project and risking wholesale rejection.

It was agreed that WP15 will end at M24 and then merge into WP11. The training material can be used in internal workshops. An extra task/deliverable in WP11 will probably be needed to reflect this.

ACTION: William to inform René of the decision about WP15.

WP11 is now getting really huge! However David noted that WP11 serves partly as a bank of person-months to enable partners to participate in WPs where they have no formal effort, for purposes of making inputs and integration.

WP11 does need planning on a rolling basis, at the month-by-month level. This schedule will also help the reviewers to understand our plans. Stream 4 has a spreadsheet for dissemination and training activities month-by-month, which includes a row for the VCoE work; it was agreed to add more detail for WP11 and put it in the new version of Part B of the DoW.

A few other WPs do not seem to have been updated following the meeting with the PO in Florence. These include WP35 (CSC), WP45 (Eefke Smit).

William pointed out that Manuela agreed to a separate budget for organising events etc., and we should make sure that this is made explicit in the DoW. It was agreed that STFC as coordinator would hold this budget, but other partners could claim against it as needed.

The aim is to finalise the text of the DoW next Monday and send to Manuela that day. This should also include the final distribution of person-months. David said that we need to check the current spend to see if anyone is greatly underspending: Airbus and ESA were mentioned in this respect.

ACTION: Simon to ask Airbus and ESA how they plan to spend the remainder of their effort in the next two years.

Meeting on VCoE in Amsterdam next week

Simon explained that the basic aim of this meeting is to begin filling in the "canvas" model, as described in D11.2(i).

-- SimonLambert - 2013-01-13

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