Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 7th February 2013

Present: Simon Lambert, William Kilbride, Sabine Schrimpf, Maurizio Lunghi, Ruben Riestra.

Any follow-up from last week's meeting

Simon explained that following the last iteration of the revised DoW, Manuela Speiser has accepted the retention and reassignment of the budget released by the departing partners. She wrote: "This is fine with me, overall, including the justification of the budget reallocation."

William will therefore go ahead with costing of training events on this basis.

William noted that the masterplan for the coming months now has a lot of detail about training activities which did not necessarily originate with the WP43 team, and that compatibility with the WP43 plans is important.

Proposed agenda for review meeting / Timetable for review preparation

There was agreement that the review agenda, circulated after a telecon between Ruben, Simon, David and Juan Bicarregui, is suitable to propose to Manuela Speiser, with the removal of the right-hand column which is for internal reference. Nonetheless a few issues were pointed out.

  • The distinction between what is reported on the VCoE in the 10:30 session on the first day, and what is said in the 10:45 session on the second day, will need careful balancing. There was some concern that the importance of WP11 in particular is underplayed in the current agenda. Maurizio observed that the reviewers will not come with a clear idea of what is a VCoE, other than it is what is intended to survive the end of the project.
  • William pointed out that the session headed "Training" is not really about training, as no WP43 deliverable is under review. The emphasis should be more on WP42. William will discuss with Holger which of the two is best placed to present this session.
  • The names listed in the agenda are currently only suggestions, and have not yet been invited. This must be done soon.

ACTION: All to have a final look at the proposed agenda by Friday 8th February and send any last queries/suggestions; Simon then to send to Manuela.

It is clear that the second year Periodic Report is a crucial document for giving the right messages to the reviewers in advance, and that the messages transmitted in the review meeting itself should be consistent (and indeed based on) the report. The bulk of the report comprises individual WP reports, but there is some additional text that needs writing.

ACTION: Simon to produce draft of complete Periodic Report by 15th February.

Ruben stressed the importance of the value of the results of WPs, and the role of the WP leaders in emphasizing this in their reports.

Any issues arising from this morning's MegaMeeting

ACTION: David and Krystina to clarify the timetable for producing the sustainability booklet - is it practicable to do this in time to distribute at the review?

Completion of DoW revision - what remains to be done?

The main tasks now to be done to complete the DoW are for David and Simon:

  • Update the master budget spreadsheet
  • Enter the text and deliverables etc. into the online system

Any other issues

Maurizio reported that Stream 2 is encouraging cooperation through an integrated questionnaire applicable to several work packages.

Maurizio and William stressed the importance of APARSEN having a clear preservation policy for its own outouts. Work on this did begin earlier but has not been followed up. It is not explicitly mentioned in the revised DoW, but should certainly appear in the Year 3-4 plans. This could even be one of the key messages to give at the review.

William noted that APARSEN public reports do not have DOIs; he intends to assign a DOI to D43.1 through the DPC's procedures. However at some time a common policy will be needed. William suggested three steps: identifying good practice - adapting to good practice - coordinating good practice between the APARSEN members. A working group within WP11 could be set up for this purpose.

-- SimonLambert - 2013-02-07

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