Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 14th February 2013

Present: Simon Lambert, William Kilbride, Maurizio Lunghi, Sabine Schrimpf, Veronika Praendl-Zika.

Any follow-up from last week's meeting

Simon confirmed that the proposed review agenda has been accepted by Manuela Speiser, with only a few changes to timing.

Preparation for review

Simon has contacted the proposed additional speakers. Some of them pointed out that they would not be able to defend in detail other WPs than their own, and suggested having all WP leaders present. However the PMB felt that highly detailed questioning by the reviewers was unlikely, and if it did arise then we could offer a written answer later. It was agreed to stay with the proposed approach of two presenters per topic, though it is worth identifying any WPs/deliverables that might be sensitive and make sure we have good coverage for them.

ACTION: Simon to inform Manuela of our approach to representation at the review meeting.

Given that one of the choices for the trust topic has declined, alternative names were put forward.

ACTION: Simon to contact Barbara Sierman (in the first instance) to see if she would be willing to present the trust topic along with Ash Hunter.

ACTION: Simon to invite the additional presenters to the preparation meeting on 1st March.

ACTION: Simon and Veronika to check assignment of WPs to topics - there seems to be some ambiguity.

Maurizio urged that work should resume on the Year 3+ action plan, which it will be necessary to present at the review. Everyone agreed with this. Maurizio offered to work on the Year 3+ action plan.

Veronika asked if a face-to-face rehearsal of the presentations will be needed. It was agreed to avoid this if possible because of the expense and inconvenience. It will probably be possible to rehearse the presentations remotely by MegaMeeting, perhaps divided into several parts.

Revision of DoW/contract amendment

No update.

Second year reporting

William has found that IKI-RAS has booked a substantial amount of effort in the second year to WP43, where they have no assigned effort. Although their bookings in other areas such as WP41 may be justifiable, this one is not - though in any case supporting documentation of the activities would be very desirable. The best solution seems to be to try and locate other WPs where the IKI-RAS declared activities would more appropriately fit.

ACTION: Simon to ask IKI-RAS for supporting documentation of their dissemination activities.

ACTION: Simon to see if the IKI-RAS effort bookings to WP43 can reasonably be transferred elsewhere.

Forthcoming deliverables

No further issues after the summary at the general MegaMeeting.

Any matters arising from this morning's MegaMeeting

No issues.

Any other issues

William has now assigned a DOI to the WP43 deliverable, as indicated at the previous meeting.

-- SimonLambert - 2013-02-14

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