Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 6th March 2013

Present: David Giaretta, Veronika Praendl-Zika, Sabine Schrimpf, Ruben Riestra, Simon Lambert, William Kilbride (later)

The meeting was devoted to presentation for the review on 25th-26th March.

ACTION: Simon to circulate Ruben's notes on the approach to the review to all.

It was agreed that there would be online reharsals as part of the general weekly MegaMeetings:

  • 7th March: Maurizio on access, Veronika and Holger on spreading excellence
  • 14th March: Yannis and Ash on trust
  • 21st March: David/Simon on common vision and VCoE

ACTION: Simon to announce schedule of rehearsals.

Ruben stressed the need to show integration by referring to points made in other presentations.

It was agreed - subject to checking with Manuela Speiser - to provide the reviewers with printed copies of all presentations, six slides per page to reduce the amount of paper. This means that all slides need to be finalised by Thursday 21st March at the latest. The rehearsal in Luxembourg will then focus on what to say about the slides.

Ruben offered to check any slides if requested.

More input to the awkward questions is needed. Ruben pointed out that many questions will arise because the reviewers are not so familiar with the project.

We will need to present solid plans for Year 3+4.

It was agreed to formally submit the revised DoW as soon as possible. The version sent to the reviewers, plus all the deliverables, is on the wiki at http://aparsen.digitalpreservation.eu/bin/view/Main/ApanP2ReviewDocumentsForReviewers

Veronika noted an error in the DoW: D45.1 was merged into D44.1 so should not be in the deliverable list.

ACTION: Simon to ask all WP leaders to check their own WPs urgently.

-- SimonLambert - 2013-03-06

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