Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 21st March 2013

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, William Kilbride, Sabine Schrimpf, Veronika Praendl-Zika, Ruben Riestra.

Final preparation for review meeting

Ruben made a number of suggestions:

  • The presenters should be comfortable with their own speech, which requires rehearsing aloud.
  • Animations are helpful in slides that are full of text.
  • It would be good to hand out some brochures on trust to the reviewers.
  • The "choral" presentations should speak with one voice, and a director is needed to points questions to the most appropriate person.

Simon intends to bring copies of the slides on paper (six per page) to give to the PO and reviewers, as well as the DoW on paper and all deliverables electronically.

Sabine volunteered to take notes during the review. Ruben stressed that the most important part is the reviewers' final feedback as this is the basis for the written review report.

William suggested planning for different possible outcomes of the review, thinking through the options in case of X, Y or Z. Ruben identified three basic scenarios:

  • Accept with no major recommendations (then the important thing is not to relax in the work)
  • approved but with many recommendations, maybe some deliverables not accepted (then push on with the work and draw up a battle plan)
  • Everything bad, review not passed (wait for the written report to see exactly what action is needed)

Davis/Simon should try to have a quick conversation with Manuela on Monday evening to understand the mood of the reviewers.

Practicalities, arrival times etc.

Simon has set up a wiki page at ApanReviewMar2013Logistics for participants to enter their times of arrival and departure etc.

Dates and locations of VCoE workshop and AHM/GA meeting

Looking at the Doodle polls, and after discussion, the best dates look like:

  • VCoE workshop: Monday 15 April
  • AHM/GA: Wednesday 15th-Thursday 16th May

ACTION: Simon to check if there is a quorum for the GA and announce the dates.

ACTION: All toi think of possible locations for these meetings.

Status of contract amendment and second year reporting

Simon is about to hit the "submit" on the revised DoW in NEF.

Any other issues


-- SimonLambert - 2013-03-21

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