Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 4th April 2013

Present: Simon Lambert, William Kilbride, Maurizio Lunghi, Sabine Schrimpf, Veronika Praendl-Zika

Methodology for common vision

Two urgent questions are:

  • What to do in tomorrow's MegaMeeting on the methodology?
  • What to do at the meeting in Amsterdam on 15th April (which is intended mainly to focus on the VCoE)?

Sabine asked what is a manifesto. Simon's view is that whatever we have should be aspirational in some way; William noted that the reviewers want something they can respond to (and also the outside world). So a document only about what APARSEN has done itself would not be enough. William sees a manifesto as providing a mandate for the VCoE.

It as agreed that the workshop last June in Brussels provided very useful input, and we should return to it and analyse the results.

There is a question of how to structure the vision. Perhaps by APARSEN's topic areas, or by looking at it from different perspectives (institutional, digital object). Simon said that we should consider the inputs, i.e. the APARSEN results plus what?

Maurizio is in favour of a bottom-up approach combined with top-down. The common vision should be founded on the common terminology and on definitions of basic services such as preservation storage services, presented as a (small) set of scenarios. It might be desirable to set up smaller taskforces that can contribute specific pillars of the vision.

Sabibe liked the idea of scenarios to gather requirements but their scope should not be too closely related to our project in particular. We could try a requirements analysis for the VCoE, taking a lead from what Kirnn said about the BL's need for such a thing. However Simon cautioned that this might be approaching the problem the wrong way round.

Maurizio offered to write down some suggestions for scenarios. Sabine was unclear what the scenarios would represent: an ideal future state?

Plans for rejected deliverables (D14.1, D21.1, D42.1)

Not discussed.

APARSEN presence at ICT 2013 event

Not discussed.

Any other issues

Kirnn raised the question at this morning's MegaMeeting of how topic integration is done, since we do not have topic leaders. Sabine suggested a combination of the relevant WP leaders plus SLs taking a leading role.

William wishes to discuss at the next meeting the forthcoming expenditure on training events.

-- SimonLambert - 2013-04-05

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