Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 8th August 2013

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, Matthias Hemmje, Sabine Schrimpf.

Follow-up from previous meeting and review of actions

David has added some high-level risks to the risk register - see below.

All Hands Meeting and General Assembly (face-to-face)

David will confirm next week which day the AHM/GA meeting will start (within the week of 2-6 December). It depends on the timing of an APA meeting.

Next steps with common vision and VCoE

Matthias has been catching up with the documents produced after the VCoE workshop in Heathrow. The next steps are to produce an outline of the next deliverable (D11.4) which is due in December, and a workplan which includes all the actions and the responsible people.

Matthias and David will hold a one-to-one meeting to produce outlines of these documents.

WP leaders and individual organisations will be asked for contributions from the end of August, though Matthias would first like to talk to stream leads to get their OK and then go directly through to WP leads for their contributions.

There is also the issue of the common vision. The next formal deliverable is D11.3 at M36, but we must produce a first Vision Statement at the end of September which the PO will expect to see. Clearly the work on the vision must be closely integrated with the VCoE.

Cooperation with other projects

There is an outstanding issue about whether to use the more formal cooperation agreement proposed by Ruben, or the less formal approach originating with Veronika. It seems sensible to decide which is more appropriate in each particular case.

Review of Risk Register

David has added some risks to the register (rows 17-20). The PMB could review these systematically next week then have as a montly item on the agenda.

Any other issues


-- SimonLambert - 2013-08-08

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