Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 15th August 2013

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, Matthias Hemmje, Sabine Schrimpf, Ruben Riestra.

Follow-up from previous meeting and review of actions

Any issues about Form Cs/Year 2 report

There are no issues raised by the EC that are likely to cause major problems. Ruben advised adopting a moderate and reassuring tone in the response to avoid escalation within the EC.

Next steps with common vision and VCoE

As David said in the MegaMeeting this morning, he is working with Matthias and Ruben on a document that will first be validated in a small group then be circulated more widely. At a later stage input from WPs and organisations will be needed to fill the gaps. Ruben advised that when circulating the document it would be good to ask two or three specific questions, rather than "What do you think of this?"

Cooperation with other projects

David noted that there will be many other projects and Centres of Competence at the ICT 2103 event in Vilnius, and it would be good to have agreements in place with some of them, with an eye on the next review. We have two options, a more formal one needing signatures and less formal with only exchange of emails. Ruben pointed out that for the reviewers it will be important not to see the cooperation agreements, but to know who we are in contact with and for what purpose. Ruben will take up this issue when he is back from vacation in September.

David observed that as other projects come to an end, we could see how their results might fir into the VCoE. Centres of Competence are longer lasting and so a different kind of cooperation will be appropriate.

Review of Risk Register

The risk register at ApanRiskRegister has some recent additions, both high-level and WP-specific. Simon will make sure it is on the agenda once a month. Everyone should make sure to look beforehand, not do it on the fly!

Any other issues


-- SimonLambert - 2013-08-15

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