Minutes of Project Management Board meeting, 13th March 2014

Present: Simon Lambert, David Giaretta, Maurizio Lunghi, Sabine Schrimpf, Ruben Riestra.

Soft launch of VCoE

The overall agenda of the launch event (25 March in Dublin before the RDA meeting) includes the VCoE, EUDAT, DPHEP and a final panel session. David explained that the aim of the launch event is to bring everything together and link to data management plans. He expects that the talks from various projects will fit together nicely. He asked if Ruben could give a short talk on the concept of value, and Ruben agreed.

Any issues with Year 3 reporting

Simon explained that he intends to finalise the Periodic Report by the end of this week. He needs to speak to Manuela about the issue of WP14 and the rejected deliverable, then will be in a position to submit the report and the Form Cs.

Ruben reported that the EC seems to be applying pressure for fast payment to be made to projects, for unknown internal reasons.

The only missing Form C is from CINES. Simon will give one last ultimatum to provide the figures, or they will be set to zero for the third period.

Overall spend against budget

Concerning distribution of budget in the case that partners have overspent, Ruben explained that there is no "rule" in these cases. So the principle should be to think about what happens after the project and allocate money to those partners most directly involved. We should also check if the Consortium Agreement has anything to say on the matter.

What is needed is leadership, making it clear that costs in Year 4 must match value—that is, helping the launch of the VCoE. So the people in charge of that should create a list of what is needed and how to get it.

David said that he is putting together a sequence of steps and hopes to finish over the weekend. There are some obvious things, for example if we propose to translate training material then we must have the training material available first!

Ruben emphasized that we need a plan for the rest of year, to be agreed by the PMB. Partners must be mobilised to get the job done.

Maurizio agreed that it is very important to have an idea of priorities and select initiatives that are valuable. WP22 might have the opportunity to produce a real service for the VCoE, as well as training material, expertise etc., but it would probably require additional resources. Hopwever David noted that any service would require cooperation from the PID providers, and we need to figure out how to get them to commit.

Any issues concerning Streams/WPs

David raised the issue of training and particularly the summer school. He has some concern that the timescale is becoming tight in terms of advertising, especially if we want to use the summer school as a test of the market. We also need things in place to get training materials and align with the common vision, as this is our last chance.

On Stream 1, David noted that two assets we have are the training course database and standards database. However the standards database is very incomplete, so we should decide either to do something more with it or drop it. We could assign resources there but we need to get it to a minimum level.

Any other issues

Simon said that he will not be available for next week's MegaMeetings.

-- SimonLambert - 2014-03-13

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