The plan for Year 2 and beyond

3. The streams of activity

Stream 1 - Integration

The APARSEN 'Integration Stream‘ is a group of WPs that enable members of the consortium to share their own medium term research and development goals for digital preservation, to listen and understand the needs of others. This dialogue is a necessary pre-cursor to the sort of strategic convergence necessary to support a Virtual Centre of Excellence. Although these processes are open, it is distinctive from the ‗Spreading Excellence‘ stream which is outward looking; and although this stream has practical implications, it is distinct from the detailed or operational concerns of the technical and legal/economic streams insofar as it is primarily concerned with strategic integration.

What has been achieved so far

Of the six WPs in this stream, the longest running and best resourced is WP 11 on 'Common Vision‘. In some senses this is the most important WP for the whole APARSEN Network. Early accomplishments of this WP include a lively debate about a common vision for digital preservation, as well as about the operation of a Virtual Centre of Excellence. A particular highlight is the long list of partners who signalled their initial approval of an early version of D11.2, showing material progress in the development of a common vision. A benchmarking exercise has allowed members to share their own research plans and a workshop in June 2012 helped to develop a draft 'roadmap‘ towards the Common Vision. But it would be easy to overlook other integration activities in the last year such as the design of the exchange programme (WP12), an initial compendium of common preservation standards (D13.1), a review of testing environments (WP14), a series of internal events and meetings (WP15).

General goals for Year 2+

The most important goals for year two in the integration stream are those concerned with the Common Vision, which will be most obviously expressed as a 2nd iteration of D11.2. However the deliverable is relatively simple in comparison to the work necessary to create it. This second iteration will, for example, include the results of the recent common vision workshop and it will be informed by a much larger and open consultation with members, and also with invited stakeholders such as the IMPACT Centre of Competence and OPF whose support has been sought. It will also embed more subtle and more detailed contributions from the research streams. Other highlights this year will include a second iteration of the review of common testing environments, and continuing work on common standards. A series of internal workshops and symposia exploring the connections between workpackages will be organised.

Plans for integration into the common vision

The WPs in this stream are by their very nature integral to the creation of the VCoE.

Identification of synergies with other initiatives outside the project

A range of external agencies will be invited to participate in the 'Common Vision‘ process, including the members of APA, the Open Planets Foundation, the Impact Centre of Competence and the Presto Centre. Each of the digital preservation initiatives funded through the same call as APARSEN (FP7-ICT-2009-6) will also be invited to engage with the Common Vision.

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