The plan for Year 2 and beyond

3. The streams of activity

Stream 2 - Technical Research

The APARSEN 'Research Stream' is a group of WPs that are undertaking original and targeted research and innovation that in turn will provide either new insights or new services. This research enables practical dialogue and shared problem solving, so in addition to its tangible outputs, it provides specific opportunities for practical collaboration between members that would not be possible otherwise. Both of these elements - the practical outcomes and the shared collaboration support the vision of the Virtual Centre of Excellence. It is distinctive from the 'Integration' and 'Spreading Excellence' streams insofar as it is designed around specific research outcomes; it is distinct from 'legal/economic streams' insofar as it is primarily clustered around technological innovation and development.

What has been achieved so far

The first WPs started were WP22 and WP24; the other WPs are scheduled to start in Year 2 and Year 3. WP22 collected user requirements and proposed an Interoperability Framework in order to defragment the current activity in the sector of Persistent Identifiers and a design of a set of advanced services.

WP24 produced a very deep analysis of the current situation on authenticity and a formal definition of provenance interoperability as well as provenance-based reasoning. The outcomes will be integrated with other WPs such as WP25 and WP22.

WP26 has conducted an extended survey to collect the current practices on annotation, reputation and data quality. The WP results will be delivered at M18. Other WPs like WP21, 25 and 27 start in year 2.

General goals for Year 2+

Thanks to the good results of the Year 1 work and following the reviewers suggestions, WP22 has defined an action plan to set up a demonstrator of the interoperability framework as a final outcome of the WP. Formal validation of the model and demonstrator will be carried out by a group of experts to maximise the quality of the validation and the acceptance of model. The experts will be invited from the most important PI user communities, beyond the APARSEN consortium, establishing a stable communication channel with them supported by joint events like the workshop under preparation in Florence on 13 Dec. 2012 in cooperation with the WP41.

The Sustainability topic starts in year 2, and as part of this WP23 will deliver an overview and commonunderstanding by the consortium of storage solutions compatible with general requirements on data preservation. The analysis will include references to commercial cloud platforms providers.

WP25 starts in August 2012 will focus on interoperability and intelligibility and attempt to exploit and consolidate the results from the various completed or on-going WPs. It will contribute interoperability objectives and guidelines agreed by experts and stakeholders from the participating communities, as well as an innovative methodology for capturing, modelling, managing and exploiting various interoperability dependencies.

Connections between WPs

Stream 2 will implement a deeper coordination of activity among its active WPs in Year 2 and 3, namely WP21-22-23-25-27, for technical issues. For instance the WP22 demonstrator will help WP25 define interoperability solutions and produce a demonstrator; the results of WP 27 on scalability could be used to refine the trustworthiness criteria of PI domain (PID) defined in the WP22.

Stream 2 WPs will provide inputs to WP41 for external workshops, WP43 for training opportunities and WP44 for dissemination and outreach. These in turn will help, for example, the Interoperability Framework (IF) evolve from a prototype into a shared service offered by the VCoE or a partner.

Plans for integration into the common vision

As described in the previous sub-section, stream 2 will develop results and concrete instruments, like the services definition, the IF model validation and demonstrator, the storage solution analysis and scalability strategies, crucial both to create consensus and build cooperation with other initiatives and to underpin the VCoE definition and set up.

We expect these technical WPs to require new terminology which will be added as candidate terms to the project Glossary. These terms will each be discussed and then added as full Glossary terms, which will contribute to our common vision and our QA process.

Identification of synergies with other initiatives outside the project

Stream 2 WPs will actively approach other initiatives and projects including SCIDIP-ES, ENSURE, ODE, OPF, PrestoCentre, DigCurV, SCAPE, IMPACT Centre of Competence, etc. to identify opportunities for collaboration and common activities to raise awareness of DP issues in other domains and to help to defragment research activities and define common approaches.

In particular, WP22 has already addressed the most relevant PI user communities and projects in Europe, like DOI foundation and DataCite, Handle community, NBN national centres, PersID project, EPIC and KE consortia.

-- SimonLambert - 2012-09-04

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