The plan for Year 2 and beyond

3. The streams of activity

Stream 4 - Spreading Excellence

The APARSEN 'Spreading Excellence stream' is a group of work packages that are outward looking and impact on the wider digital preservation community outside of APARSEN. It delivers specific outcomes in terms of communications and provides a strategic framework for all work packages‘ communications. In doing so, this builds momentum for the Virtual Centre of Excellence in the wider community and it models some of the activities which will become core to the VCoE. The 'Spreading Excellence‘ Stream is therefore essential to the counter-fragmentation efforts of APARSEN. There is no research in this stream.

What has been achieved so far

The spreading excellence team in APARSEN has fully consolidated, meets regularly via Megameeting and aligns its plans and activities. All communication channels have been initiated (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Newsletter, Interactive Map, website, External Advisory Committee, internal and external workshops, APARSEN brochure, general APARSEN presentation) and plans for executing communication actions have been set up. These come into full operation as the project results are published.

General goals for Year 2+

Dissemination of findings and presenting DP issues in the course of the APARSEN project is one of the key activities of this Network of Excellence. Stream 4 has prepared the ground for outreach and coordinates all communication activities. All upcoming substantial results and activities from the APARSEN project will be processed and tailored for dissemination over the several communication channels. Full communication activities and substantial discussions with APARSEN stakeholders outside the consortium about first outcomes will be the main activities of all WPs in stream 4 ―Spreading Excellence‖ from June 2012 on.

Pre-view of some events:

  • July 2012: Webinar "Securing Trust in Digital Preservation"
  • September 2012: APARSEN Workshop "Digital preservation of the records of science: a common endeavor", Open Access Days, University of Vienna
  • November 2012: APARSEN at APA 2012 Conference, Rome
  • December 2012: APARSEN at International Conference 2012: Cultural Heritage online

Connections between WPs

Stream 4 has intense and continuous interrelations with all the WPs in APARSEN for fulfilling its dissemination and communication work to a wider public. The dissemination WPs (41, 44, 45, 46) within this stream are aligned so that the full range of stakeholders are addressed. WP42 and WP43 are being aligned more closely, especially with respect to the underlying supporting IT infrastructure. Outputs from RTD WPs will feed into curricula and course material.

Plans for integration into the common vision

Stream 4 will support dissemination of the APARSEN Common Vision and will lead open discussions at external events and with key stakeholders (External Advisory Committee) to integrate views and needs of other sectors and to readjust the Common Vision in the course of the project and as to the transformation into the Virtual Centre of Excellence. Training and formal qualifications will be tailored and calibrated according to the priorities set out by the APARSEN VCoE.

Identification of synergies with other initiatives outside the project

Stream 4 will actively approach other initiatives and projects as SCIDIP-ES, ENSURE, ODE, OPF, PrestoCentre, DigCurV, SCAPE, IMPACT Centre of Competence, etc. (for the complete list see D44.1 Network and Multiplier Organisations) for identifying opportunities for collaboration and common activities to raise wider awareness of DP issues in several domains.

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