Annotation, Reputation and Data Quality

Annotation in general terms is information added to data and it may be argued that all kinds of metadata are special types of annotation which can contribute to the correct preservation or later interpretation of preserved data. Comments and opinions from many contributors build reputation, allowing for judging about the trust which might be placed on a data object or individuals annotated in that way. Data quality related metadata is of critical importance for the correct long-term data applicability and interoperability. Within this work package, APARSEN aims at supporting the preservation of annotations along with the data.

The project reviews the requirements as well as available techniques for annotation, reputation and data quality, and produce a strategy to get from where we are to where we need to be.

APARSEN will develop a strategy for further research on the preservation of annotation, reputation and data quality which builds on a review on available techniques and underlying preservation requirements in that field.

-- VeronikaPraendlZika - 2012-04-02

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