The Alliance of Permanent Access is one important partner in APARSEN and aims to develop a common vision on DP carried by an organizational platform called Virtual Centre of Excellence.

What does APA do?

  • Support the development of a sustainable European digital Information infrastructure that guarantees the permanent access to the digital records of science, whether documents or data, across all fields of research, scholarship and technology;
  • Be a strategic partner for the Commission of the European Union and national governments in order to strengthen European and national strategies and policies and their implementation in the area of long-term preservation of and access to the digital records of science, thereby contributing towards Europe as an Information Society;
  • Be a platform that will assist key stakeholders in the world of science and scientific information to cooperate amongst themselves and with other organisations on digital repositories for science;
  • Strengthen the role of European parties in worldwide efforts to secure long-term preservation and access of the digital records of science;
  • Be a global centre of excellence for digital preservation

APA’s objectives

  • to have permanent access regarded as part of Europe’s core scientific e-infrastructure
  • to have permanent access encouraged and funded by those who commission research within Europe and by those who perform research within the APA
  • to have standards and services developed and sanctioned by the Alliance utilized across Europe
  • to expand our membership to provide adequate representation, ‘political weight’ and adequate take-up
  • to develop a sound, representative and sustainable Alliance.
  • to ensure that policies on data preservation and access are harmonized across all stakeholders
  • to ensure there is adequate training for data producers, re-users and those looking after the data
The overall mechanism for achieving the plan will be engagement with the appropriate research communities on one hand and the policymakers/funders on the other reaching for – by progressive consensus – a moderated canonical solution brokered by APA. The APA projects will play an important role.

Links with APARSEN

The APA and APARSEN plan to create a Virtual Centre of Excellence.

-- VeronikaPraendlZika - 2012-10-15

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