Non-static files

It may seem strange to consider the preservation of non-static files. However Buneman has argued ( that these are an important class of objects. The basic idea is that it is that the various changes are important and there is a desire to make queries about such changes.

It may be argued that such changes are more an issue of Provenance, or that a series of snapshots of the object between changes is what is being preserved. However Buneman argues that curated databases, which are the examples of objects he focuses on, are extremely important.

The CIA world factbook is the example often used. Buneman says "The CIA World Factbook is a prime example of a curated database a database that is constructed and maintained with a great deal of human effort in collecting, verifying, and annotating data. Preservation of old versions of the Factbook is important for verification of citations; it is also essential for anyone interested in the history of the data such as demographic change."

-- DavidGiaretta - 2012-06-04

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