A32.001 BL - As part of WP32, BL should incorporate the collection of information about how much money is currently being spent on digital preservation TBD BL   OPEN
A24.001 Put up the final report from CASPAR on ‘Authenticity Position Paper’ - conceptual framework based on the CASPAR model 2011-02-19 DG See WP24 page CLOSED
A24.002 Define tools for Identity and Integrity. Authenticity management tool will be used to reference provenance. Preliminary draft to beshared for comments 2011-09-30 MG   OPEN
A24.003 MG to look at and work with other projects that involve authenticity protocols
  • Collect and analyse practices
  • Evidence of authenticity
  • Identify categories for authenticity protocols
  • Identify interconnectivity with specific domains
  • There is a continuing work package called ‘Common Vision’ - WP24 fits into this
2011-12-31 MG   OPEN
A24.004 Draft an ISO standard for provenance TBD FORTH   OPEN
A24.005 Other projects should cooperate to establish provenance – need to set up discussions TBD EVERYONE   OPEN
A14.001 Tessella will collect testing strategies and develop document based on CASPAR approach with input information from SCAPE, PLANETS etc about the testing environments from those project. 2011-04-15     OPEN
A22.001 Collection of partners’ experiences and needs concerning identifying and citability issues 2011-04-15     OPEN
A22.002 Partners in this work package should get together very soon to discuss the issues and go forward in a united effort. 2011-02-28     OPEN
A22.003 Define a set of policy rules around persistent identifiers systems and set some basic rules. TBD     OPEN
A22.005 Need to work across the work packages and develop a communication network along the specific packages of ‘TRUST’. TBD     OPEN
A11.003 Robert Sharp/DG to create a strawman common vision – see CASPAR Conceptual Model model 2011-04-15 RS/DG   OPEN
A13.001 Need to make it clear where the standards are used TBD     OPEN
A13.002 Need to ensure who has reviewed these standards TBD     OPEN
A15.001 All the partners should identify people within their own organisations who need to be contacted and a register of events and attendance should be kept TBD EVERYONE   OPEN
A15.002 DG/KG will contact RvH with details of how to access the Events Calendar on the APA web site to enter details of events, workshops etc 2011-02-28 DG/KG Email details to DG at the moment CLOSED
A15.003 Coordinate with OPF about software repositories – best practices 2011-05-31 DG Delay to end of May 2011 OPEN
A12.001 Encouraging ways in which junior and senior staff can work with colleagues collaboratively in understanding permanent access. What is required:
  • Register of expertise within the APARSEN Project
  • Register of opportunities within your respective institutions ie. Training
  • Register of placement opportunities for students
A23.001 Organise in advance the APARSEN member requirements that might have an impact on storage solutions and find a way to integrate and compare data TBD MA/MF   OPEN
A36.001 Write the report in order to identify the right industries to present the business case. TBD     OPEN
A51.001 SL to advise the partners when the money has been sent so their respective finance departments can be advised 2011-02-28 SL   OPEN
A51.002 Consortium Agreement 2011-02-01 SL Plan to complete CA by end of April.

See CA page
A51.005 Period Reports – SL will specify to the work package leaders the form in which to do this. 2011-05-31 SL   OPEN
A51.007 RR will provide a check list of the sort of documentation that could be asked for to accompany the cost statements. 2011-05-31 RR   OPEN
A51.008 Internal review of deliverables – make sure the reviewers know when the review will take place and the deadline. Identify the reviewers in advance. 2011-07-01 SL   OPEN
A51.012 Draw up schedules of meetings TBD     OPEN
A51.014 Everyone to complete their full contact details alongside their photographs on the Wiki 2011-04-29 EVERYONE Delayed from end Feb ONGOING
A46.001 All members working on this WP will coordinate with each other through JL, sharing information and ideas. JL will use ‘Linkedin’ for discussions in the context of a social media plan. TBD     OPEN
A46.002 DG will base this on the APA web site and link into ‘Linkedin’ with an RSS feed. 2011-04-29 DG Tried to do this but problems - will look again.

Will look again by end of April
A44.001 VPZ asked everyone involved in the WP to give her their contact details to set up an e-mail list. TBD     OPEN
A41.001 Start up tracking of events and get event calendar updated. Interact with WP44 and outreach activites and social media for external communications.   FTK/DANS/LTU   OPEN
Axx.xx Register on APARSEN-MGT site and keep effort record up to date - especially add notes to briefly describe what has been done ASAP EVERYONE ONGOING
A52.001 Suggestiona for External Advisory Committee : at the meeting the following were suggested: Seamus Ross, Neil Beagrie, Colin Web, Herbert van de Sompel, Reagan Moore, someone from OPF board ASAP EVERYONE See here OPEN
Axx.xx Use mail email list for everything - try not to set up separate lists. If separate lists are set up you MUST add David Giaretta ASAP WP leaders   OPEN
A51.016 Add suggested names for internal reviewers of documents - add column to table of deliverables 2011-03-23 SL   OPEN
A51.002 Check with APA Exec Board about the APA conference in 2012. Maurizio has suggested we join with the FRD conference in Florence 2011-04-08 DG/SL Discussions ongoing OPEN
A51.003 Check on possibility of sponsoring ESWC'11 conference - as suggested by FORTH 2011-03-25 DG/SL Checking budget OPEN
A52.002 DG to send out logins and passwords for APA web site APARSEN page 2011-04-04 DG Checking if we can use Twiki passwords - looks difficult at the moment OPEN
A11.004 Collect information about research plans for D11.1 2011-03-31 EVERYONE Collecting info []ApanDeliverableDOneOnepointOne][here]] OPEN
A52.003 SL will circulate a report on the CA telecon to the partners. 2011-04-29 SL   OPEN
A24.006 SS Will send information to other partners in WP24 in the next few days 2011-04-21 SS   OPEN
A15.004 DG/RvH to put the meetings and events on the Wiki and APA web site 2011-04-22 DG/RvH   OPEN
A22.006 ALL Send contact and e-mail details to CC for the survey 2011-04-21 EVERYONE   OPEN

Closed and suspended actions

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