Servicetypename Brokerage service
Description Brokering of organisations to hold data and the ability to package together the information needed to transfer information between organisations ready for long term preservation:

Projects and organisations can and do run out of funding for preserving digital holdings, for example projects from Earth Observation (EO) projects are often only funded for 10 years after the closure of the satellite from which the data is derived. There are in the EO case some more or less formal mechanisms for finding a host who could take over responsibility. A brokering/orchestration system is needed to formalise the finding of new hosts.

However even if agreement is reached there is the issue of collecting all the informa-tion related to a set of digital objects held, perhaps in a variety of systems, by the origi-nal host, and transferring this to the new host, itself with a variety of systems. OAIS defines in very general terms an Archival Information Package which (logically) contains all the information needed for the long term preservation of a digital object. In addition to the Brokering/Orchestration mentioned above we need to be able to create the AIP so that these can be handed over to the new host.

Contact David Giaretta
Source PARSE.Insight

Scenario An archive finds that its funding agency has been wound-up and the archive must close in six months time. Moreover the data holdings are currently in a set of inter-related database tables with embedded binary large objects, and a sophisticated access system with much embedded business logic. How can the archive find someone willing to look after its holdings and how can they be handed over in practice?

Although individual repositories tend to have specialised access systems tailored to help their users, attention must also be paid to ensuring that the holdings can be handed over if/when necessary, and appropriate tools and techniques are needed to help do this.

Implementations SCIDIP-ES
  • Create tools for collecting and (logically) packaging information into AIPs using information from a variety of underlying information systems
  • Investigate the options for mapping systems from one major system to an-other.

Finaldestination A system which will allow organisations which are no longer able to fund the preservation of a particular dataset is able to find an organisation willing and able to take over the responsibility.
Relevantprojects SCIDIP-ES, CASPAR (, SHAMAN (, OAIS
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