Servicetypename Analysis of authenticity management policies
Description Analysis and design of authenticity management policies

According to experience developped in WP 24 (Authenticity and provenance), and the case studies about authenticity that have been carried out, is not prepared enough to properly undestand the issues related to authenticity and to consequently design adequate authenticity management policies.

It could therefore be very useful, and in some cases necessary, to provide appropriate assistance in analyzing the problems, in defining appropriate authenticity evidence to be collected and in designing formal procedures for the gathering and the preservation of that information. Referring the the OAIS model this means defining the content of the PDI both in the Submission Information Package and i the Archival Information Package.

Evolution of the methodology developped

The service we propse includes the following: - Analyzing the needs of the Designated Community. - Identifying the DR lifecycle and the relevant events - Define the authenticity evidence to be collected - Defining the auth m p and its formal implementation in the authenticity protocols

Contact CINI, M. Guercio, S. Salza
Keywords Authenticity, authenticity evidence, athenticity protocol,OAIS, Preservation Descriptive Information (PDI)
Scenario Scenario 1 - A priori autenticity management A repository is managing on a continuative basis one ore more workflows of digital resources of predefined type. The managemnet of teh repository needs to define adequate authenticity management policies .....

Scenario 2 - A posteriori authenticity management A repository, which until now has not deployed any systematic authenticity management policy, is interested in providing the consumer with appropriate evidence to assess the authenticity of the preserved digital resources ...

Implementations A preliminary implementation in WP 24

A cooperation has been started with SCIDIP-ES to provivide authenticity services as as part of the development of the authenticity toolkit

Nextsteps - Promote a standard structure for the AER which may guarantee te interoperability among different repositories

- Define a set of criteria for a formal certification of the authenticity management policies in LTDP repositories

Finaldestination Provide an adeqate formal framework, detailed methodologies and tools to develop both consulting services to assist the repositories' management and to provide certification services.
Relevantprojects SCIDIP-ES, SHAMAN, InterPARES
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