Servicetypename Preservation watch service
Description A service that monitors changes to the external environment that might have an impact on planning and implementation of preservation activities in the repository. Such changes include impending obsolescence of hardware, software and formats, and changes in the knowledge base of the designated community. The preservation watch service should be customisable to the needs of the particular repository and should feed into preservation planning.
Contact Simon Lambert, SCAPE project
Source SCAPE project
Keywords Preservation watch, Designated community, Obsolescence
Scenario A repository of experimental data from a scientific facility contains the results of measurements taken on many sample materials over a period of years. The older data is in a specialised format developed by the facility itself, while the newer data is in a widely used community standard format. In order to reanalyse the data, a particular suite of software tools, developed by the scientific community, is required. The watch service detects that a major new release of the software is forthcoming, which will no longer be able to read the older format. This triggers preservation planning resulting in migration of all the old files into the new format.
Implementations Initial development in the PLANETS project, being taken further in SCAPE

Finaldestination An adaptable and generalisable service framework for monitoring many kinds of changes in the external environment, using customised plug-ins to allow extension and adaptation to complex types of monitoring. The service should be able to handle uncertainty (for example in timescales) and offer human-understandable explanations of its reasoning.
Relevantprojects PLANETS, SCAPE
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