WP44, Task 4410 – Draft Communication Plan

Below is the proposed structure for the APARSEN Communication plan and a number of questions relating to what may be contained in the document. We would grateful if APARSEN members, and particularly WP44 participants, could provide comments on the structure, add additional questions and make suggestions for content. The structure has been based on a comparison of Communication and/or Dissemination Plans for previous and current FP6 and FP7 projects.

Additional input to the Communication Plan has is being sought, including good practice examples from previous projects.

DG: I've attached a couple of old comm. plans.


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Communication Plan Structure

Executive Summary

This section will provide a short summary of the document and its aim.

The basic reference is the DOW and as such, The Comm Plan is strategically described in B3.2.2.

-- RubenRiestra - 2011-09-20

1. Introduction

An introduction to the document including information on:

1.1 Vision

The aims and vision of the APARSEN project and how these will be reflected within communication efforts.

1.2 Scope

With a number of WPs within APARSEN carrying out communication and dissemination activities it is important to clarify the scope of the Communication Plan. We need to consider the following issues:
  • Should it make reference to communication efforts in other WPs or just WP44?
  • If yes, should the Communication Plan provide a framework for all communication efforts?
  • If no, should the Communication plan provide a set of principles to guide communication work in other WPs?

It has to take into account the communication efforts in other WPs. In my experience the lack of communication is due to the lack of internal integration of the specific initiatives of the specific workpackages. It is important to avoid rigidity (not a unique framework, but principles to guide all the efforts and collection of initiatives

-- MariellaGuercio - 2011-09-16

I believe the answer on the scope of the Coom plan is defined already in DOW B3.2.1. The question perhaps is if we still believe in what it is written there. If yes, then is a matter of internal communication to coordeiante among the multiple sources of messages

-- RubenRiestra - 2011-09-20

A number of principles in combination with a set of preferred channels (which can be complemented upon need or situation) could be a way forward

-- JohnLindstrom - 2011-09-20

ChiaraCirinnà (FRD) and I (FRD) agree with MariellaGuercios comment. Furthermore the Communication Plan should direct all WPs with a guideline and common terminology for all kind of external communications. If I understand JohnLindstroms comment right, our scope is to decide which communication channels to use and regarding channel characteristics to set specific uniform rules for communication.

-- ChristinMollenhauer - 2011-09-20

The Comm Plan serves the whole project.- it guides/suggests activities for the other WP's e.g. publications, input to web site, press releases etc. It should also make us think about the social networks etc.

-- DavidGiaretta - 2011-09-20

sorry for my late reply on this, I also agree with Mariella, John, and Christin, I think we have found a common agreement here

-- VeronikaPraendlZika - 2011-09-22

2. Objectives

A list of the objectives of communication work within APARSEN (within the scope described above).

From the DoW

-- DavidGiaretta - 2011-09-20

Besides the obvious immediate things like press releases, presentations etc we should also prepare for after the project e.g. traing videos, documentation etc i.e. communication with the future.

-- DavidGiaretta - 2011-09-20

3. Key Messages

A list of the key messages that should be communicated to stakeholders.
  • What messages should be included here?
  • Should we identify a ‘Main’ message?

I think it is difficult to identify a 'Main' message as a network with many different tasks, beyond the fact that the dynamic nature of the preservation requires a continuing effort for increasing the quality of the information available Perhaps it could be important to focus on the more innovative areas of activity (like audit of TDR), training of auditors, etc.

-- MariellaGuercio - 2011-09-16

-- RubenRiestra - 2011-09-20

Mariellas ideas on different areas is good, with responsible persons to communicate news/results etc. via preferred channels. The key to get/attract interest is to keep a continuous flow with quality messages going

-- JohnLindstrom - 2011-09-20

The Comm. Plan. is more about the "how" than the "what" i.e. it does not try to have the key messages already but rather it should suggest how we come up with the key messages, the types of messages, how to tailor them?

-- DavidGiaretta - 2011-09-20

I agree with David, concerining the "how we come up with key messages" we shoukld involve the editorial team, I could imagine a brainstorming at the face to face meeting in London.

-- VeronikaPraendlZika - 2011-09-22

I agree with David, concerning the "how we come up with the key messages" I would suggest to involve the editorial board and to have a face to face brainstorming in a side meeting during the all staff meeting in london

-- VeronikaPraendlZika - 2011-09-22

4. Stakeholders

An identification of the main stakeholder groups towards whom APARSEN’s communication efforts will be aimed. Please suggest stakeholder groupings using the comments box below.

From my point of view I consider crucial some sectors like e-health (it is at the sime time connected with the scientific community and with the public administration and e-government areas

-- MariellaGuercio - 2011-09-16

Within APARSEN the following communities are represented:

  • Earth Science
  • High Energy Physics
  • Industrial Design and Engineering
  • Archives, Libraries, Museums
  • Academia
  • ...
This might also be aligned with T4110: "Identification of priority target audiences..."

-- HolgerBrocks - 2011-09-19

Do not forget to validate the profiles already committed contractually. Section B3.2.3 of DOW

-- RubenRiestra - 2011-09-20

Yes we have a general list of types of audiences/outlets in B3.2.3. Some of the abve suggestions provide greater granularity

-- DavidGiaretta - 2011-09-20

Note the stakeholders are both the here and now and also in the future.

-- DavidGiaretta - 2011-09-20

5. Communication Strategy

This section will set out the strategy for achieving the communication objectives in section 2. Should this section be organised according to:
  • Communication channel types;
  • Stakeholder groups/target audiences; or
  • Communication objectives?
Should a list of milestones be included? If so what might we consider including?

According to my experience stakeholder groups is generally the most effective way to communicate this complex series of information and materials. It is easier to use the best language and provide the right and intelligible best practices

-- MariellaGuercio - 2011-09-16

The above organization seems reasonable. I think both general and specific (tailormade) messages are needed, but might need coordination to create the desired effect if they are related or linked.

-- JohnLindstrom - 2011-09-20

i would also say according to target groups

-- VeronikaPraendlZika - 2011-09-22

6. Communication Plan

This section will set out the plan to implement the strategy defined in the section above, will potentially include:

6.1 List of tasks/activities

A list of the tasks/activities that will be undertaken to implement the communication strategy. This will include an allocation of resources to each task.

6.2 Editorial Process

A high-level description of the editorial process which will be defined in full by Task 4440.

6.3 Milestones

A list of milestones that will be important to the communication efforts.

6.4 Timeline

A timeline of communication tasks/activities to be undertaken.

I strongly believe in making communications timeline dependent on the ocurrence of key milestones, in order to maximise impact, we need to have something relevant to say, not just a routine

-- RubenRiestra - 2011-09-20

A list of events (internal meetings and presentations held about the APARSEN project) could be very useful to set important dates for official publicity, announcements and messages. The use of social media is more connected to such events than the regularly newsletter, which depends on results and might be published every half year.

-- ChristinMollenhauer - 2011-09-20

Ruben has a good point. We have several deliveries of the services with lots of good examples. We should be ready to use them.

-- DavidGiaretta - 2011-09-20

7. Roles and Responsibilities

This section will set out the roles and responsibilities of APARSEN members in relation to the activities described in the Communication Plan. This will include:
  • WP44 Participants
  • APARSEN Stream and Task Leaders
  • The Editorial Board

The selection of the Editorial Board is the Critical Success decision. People who can imagine what´s interesting outside the Consortium out of the work of APARSEN

-- RubenRiestra - 2011-09-20

WP44 participants with just minor effort in this WP should serve as our contact points for communication and information flow regarding major achievements in their streams and WPs to be reported to the outside world. Internal communication should be built up through these "key persons". I see this in my responisbility.

-- VeronikaPraendlZika - 2011-09-22

8. Evaluating Success

This section will set out the targets and/or performance metrics that will be used to evaluate the communications work within APARSEN as described in the strategy above.

General Comments

Prime outcomes (effects on third parties) over measuring activities (e.g. xxx presentations does not provide a real indicator of success)

-- RubenRiestra - 2011-09-20

-- SharonMcMeekin - 2011-09-14

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