Use Cases obtained from the ENSURE project's public deliverable D1.2.1 Requirements Document:

Clinical Trials

User Scenario ID Unique Identifier for the User Scenario - Use PartnerNumber in the first instance
Author Name and Organisation details
Background A brief description of "what, why, where, when, and who" relating to the user scenario
Type of digital information Describe the material that needs preserving
Link to sample data Provide a link to the samples of data that are available for testing with the Testbeds
Threat(s) to the data Define the problems encountered/expected in keeping this data accessible
Preservation Technique Define the preservation technique(s) that can be used to maintain access and re-use of the information
Designated Community Define the Designated Community which should be able to use and understand the digitally encoded information
Usage Brief description of the users and how they use the data
Success Criteria Describe how you would hope to validate whether the digital information has been preserved against you identified threats


Health Care

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