• K. Kaur, BL
  • S. Lambert, SL
  • D. Giaretta, DG
  • M. Holzmayer, MH
  • G. Jäschke, GJ
  • R. Riestra, RR


The VCOE will be branded as "APA Centre of Excellence" (APA-COE).
  • RR: No problem foreseen by EU if APARSEN as logo disappears from public communication.
Terms and conditions for funding must be met like the EU funding and the EU FP7 programme logo. No separate brand or logo for the VCoE, no separation of VCOE from APA. For the website, plan the APA VCOE design now. There will be a migration phase during which APARSEN will time-by-time vanish. What will remain is an imprint/ information page stating that APA-COE was rocketed by APARSEN. Migration phase should be simple with little effort, e.g. one newsletter before VCOE launch announcing the change. The transition phase includes a communication campaign. A migration phase is mandatory as the clientele needs to move from (following) APARSEN to APA-COE.
  • RR: Do not put "Digital Preservation" into the brand.
  • RR: APA-COE should have a key-line besides the logo, e.g. like SOFTWARE AG - "The XML company". For APARSEN it could be APA-COE - "The Digital Preservation Experts" or "The Digital Preservation Pioneers". This needs to be worked out carefully.
  • MH: All social networking links base on brand APARSEN. These need to be migrated. As "APA" will be occupied already by other organisations, most likely APA-COE (or similar) will be the new name.
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DavidGiaretta, LaunchGroup 2014-06-23 Launch: Coin a new abbreviation/key for APA-COE on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. edit
  • MH: On Twitter, APARSEN has approx. 520 followers.
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ManuelaHolzmayer 2014-06-23 WP11 : Research on Twitter support/ mechanisms for renaming APARSEN Twitter account to APA-COE (or the like) or convince followers to subscribe to APA-COE. Cf. http://www.aliciacowan.com/social-media-and-digital-marketing/twitter/change-twitter-name 2014-09-04 ManuelaHolzmayer   edit
DavidGiaretta 2014-06-23 WP11 : Research on LinkedIn support/ mechanisms for renaming APARSEN LinkedIn account to APA-COE (or the like) or convince followers to subscribe to APA-COE. 2014-08-20 edit


The APA-COE will continue using the internet domain alliancepermanentaccess.org.


Main menu topics as of May 2014:
  • Community
  • Training
  • Consultancy and Services
  • Knowledge Base

Future VCOE main areas will be:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Services
  • Community
  • About (APA)

These are four lines of products (Consultancy, Training, Tools, Services) plus two supportive areas (Community, About).

  • Main menu entry "About APA" will be relabeled to "About". It will continue hosting information about APA and include a section about APARSEN as initial project helping get APA-COE started.
  • Main menu entry "About APARSEN" will disappear, the information will go into the "About" section.
  • Main menu entry "Knowledge base" will go into "Consultancy" as this is the starting point for expert knowledge.
  • DG: Addressing users could be guided by the question: "What do you want to accomplish today?" The web site with its structure and pages should try to answer the questions of the main target audiences.
  • RR: The discussion today works on the web site but contributes to the change in business, turning the APARSEN project with limited runtime into continuous operations.
  • RR: Users in general have two strategies for getting to information:
    • If users know what they are looking for, they just browse links
    • If users do not know what they are looking for, they read entire articles and pages
  • Tools have a positive connotation as tools are part of a solution.
  • SCIDIP will in large volume contribute to APA-COE contents, especially on tools repository and trainings. APA-COE will be the container to keep available results of SCIDIP.
  • APA-COE will face both situations for content and its repositories:
    • APA-COE will have (exclusively) local copies of content
    • APA-COE will have no local copies and its registers link to external resources
The six main areas (see above) will form the main menu. The APA-COE main page and/or the start pages of the main areas can guide users in mapping the APA-COE offer/ services to user situation, like sectors of industry or communities.
  • The APARSEN Topics (Trust, Sustainability, Accessibility, Usability) on the main page do not help users navigating. Remove icons from main page.
  • RR: Identify the target groups/ users/ customers of the APA-COE web site:
    • Service providers with
  • RR: Market research to be conducted by INMARK in APARSEN will contribute to answering this question like who is going to read the website and for what purpose.
  • RR: Market research will answer certain questions like demand for training, consultancy and other services and the potential for turnover.

The decisions taken today will be revisited once the market research has been completed.


About services which can be provided by APA-COE, especially by members of the APA.
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KrystinaGiaretta, LaunchGroup 2014-06-23 WP11 : Krystina Giaretta (KG) to resubmit the poll on APARSEN partners about services, tools, training and consultancy they can provide in the framework of the APA-COE. 2014-09-03 edit
  • RR: Consultants normally create a vision, bragging about their skills. If APA-COE refrains itself, it most likely will not get customers. Public advertisement and self-description must be confident about own expertise.
  • RR: Describe services in terms of benefit/ solution for the customer. Do not describe solution-centric. Bundling of services does the magic and is of especial benefit to customers.
  • KK: Is there APA membership in kind? For example providing working hours of experts in the field for services.
  • DG: The problem for APA-COE is cash flow. Experts providing consultancy/ services mediated through APA-COE will get paid.
  • KK: Some APA member organisations will (legally) not be in the position to offer/ provide consultancy, services, tools or trainings in the frame of the APA-COE. Refunds for parts of membership fees because of services/ consultancy could help such situations.
  • RR: Organisational restructuring of APA member organisations could also help the situation.
  • RR: The web site must trigger users that APA-COE and the network behind holds the expertise and is capable of solving the user's problem.
    • The business model is that APA-COE is the central contact and mediates requests for services/ consultancy to its members.
    • The web main area page will describe solutions created through services provided by APA-COE members. It will not have a public register of services provided by any organisations/ companies in that field.
Service/ consultancy requests by customers will always suffer from a lack of precision and completeness.
    • The DP services/ consultancy field is a non-yet established field of business with little structures and few standards. This makes assessment of efforts and service tailoring difficult.
  • RR: Take a step-by-step approach and start little. APA-COE needs to deliver what it promises.
We need a description of services offered by/ through APA-COE.
  • DG: Imagine to structure the service page along cases that reflect typical customer situations/ problems.
The web site can take examples for business cases from D36.2. DP is a special field as there was market pull (by libraries etc.) but no offer. So the requesters in need build-up the knowledge themselves.
  • GJ: Especially compared to the Consultancy main area, shouldn't be the services area more structured and try to be guided by common/ standardized services. For example, there are yearly inspections for cars or internet access for homes.
  • RR: The services area is about knowledge/ consultancy/ activities already packed.
    • There is no strict separation of Services and Consultancy. Especially because the low structure of the DP field. It always will be packaged services with consultancy on top.
    • The SCIDIP services will form the APA-COE services plus the services from partners from the poll. The services overview will not distinguish where the service comes from or who of the partners renders the service.


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DavidGiaretta 2014-06-23 Launch : DG: write text (see D36.2 and SCIDIP-ES) edit
  • "Whatever problem you have with DP, APA-COE can address it." Just get in touch with the APA-COE.
  • “Our members can help design bespoke services”
  • “Our members have confronted and solved issues of digital preservation…”
  • Expertise/experience backed by know-how
  • Expertise
  • Whole lifecycle
  • Operational experience
  • We have experience in analysing problems in digital preservation and developing bespoke solutions built on …. (see Mango solutions web)
  • Check SCIDIP-ES “what do you want to do”
    • Display that APA-COE has expertise because of previous cases of members in operational experiences.
    • Display that APA-COE has the methodology/ know-how.
  • RR: The sheer size of APA-COE members must not prevent potential customers from getting into contact. Small projects are possible as well for APA-COE customers.


  • APA-COE does not cooperate with projects but with organisations/ companies providing services/ consultancy/ tools/ training.
    • SCIDIP is different because of the strong relationship with APARSEN partners, and it is also written down in the DOW.
  • APA-COE cannot maintain orphaned software. Software/ tools without a maintainer is useless or renders useless in no time. So APA-COE all the time has to look out for tools/ software in combination with the vendor/ creator who maintains the software.
    • SCIDIP software is basically files on a download location. For enlisting SCIDIP software on APA-COE website, it mostly is about copy-&-paste of metadata and describing text.
  • SCIDIP distinguishes Tools and Services: Registriy of representation information
  • RR: SCIDIP will restructure its website by the end of June 2014. APARSEN VCOE should wait with taking over/ integrating SCIDIP contents until the restructuring has been finished.
Users in general should not be able to add items to the register but just be able to propose new entries which need to be affirmed by an editor.


The OTP and web site category systems should be harmonized. As there is few content on the OTP so far, re-indexing of OTP contents seems less effort than mapping OTP categories onto Common Vision categories. This rule does not apply for WP42 survey results on external training offers; normalizing content category assignments to the heterogenous curricula, training and qualification offers from third parties was tremendous work.
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GeraldJaeschke 2014-06-23 WPxx : GJ: Provide taxonomies developed by WP42 and WP43 for alignment with WP11 Common Vision taxonomy. 2014-08-21 edit
GeraldJaeschke, TrainingGroup 2014-06-23 WPxx : GJ: Add to course/ module summary attributes list with experience from other GLOBIT work in that field. 2014-08-21 edit
GeraldJaeschke 2014-06-23 WPxx : GJ: Setup checklist for content providers, especially metadata for the course summary, categorizations, technical formats, further constraints on data and metadata, etc. 2014-09-01 edit
The APA-COE web site can link to/ into the OTP on different levels:
  • The OTP main page
  • Any OTP web page
  • Content subsets within the OTP repository (pre-configured filters/ searches)
  • Single contents (courses, presentation recordings, slidesets, handouts, etc.)
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DavidGiaretta 2014-06-23 WPxx : Setup a clone of today's productive APARSEN/APA web site as basis for restructuring/ repurposing towards VCOE. 2014-08-20 DavidGiaretta   edit
From that point in time onwards, APARSEN runs two systems in parallel which evolve. Since then, restrict changes on productive web site to a minimum in order to keep efforts for later merge/ switch low. Because URLs of APA/APARSEN website have been published, the migration towards take care for (at least migration time) old/ previous content/ page URLs continue working. The project chould set soft links/ forwards to new corresponding pages.


The "Contact Us" section in the footer will be removed from the footer and go on a separate page.

  • The rolling teaser area on main page should become smaller.
  • Page section "Launching the APARSEN Virtual Centre of Excellence" will be removed.
  • The downloads section will be removed.
  • DG: "Common Vision" could be better termed "Integrated View of Digital Preservation".


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DavidGiaretta, KrystinaGiaretta, LaunchGroup 2014-06-23 WP11 : DG/KG Plan launch 2014-10-30 edit
  • The re-launch event is no scientific event.
  • Get as contributors people who are convinced about the work/ background/ services of APA and APA members and make them report about it. Provide human-touched stories. Contributors from outside the consortium should endorse APARSEN/ APA-COE. Or the (independent) contributors should give indication that APA-COE is walking in the right direction.

  • DP is an issue that does not solve itself over time. It is the other way round - failing in DP with the own organisation will result in loss of investments in digital content from previous years.
  • A mantra in DP is: "You cannot do it alone."
  • Have a storyline running throughout.
  • First potential sources for contributors to the launch event:
    • Project PRELIDA (dealing with linked data/ information) is another project to finish about the same time as APARSEN.
    • C-DAC
    • Göttingen Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek
    • Juan Bicarregui
    • Other centers of excellence (COE)
    • Other networks of excellence (NOE)
    • APARSEN reviewers
    • APARSEN project officer Manuela Speiser
    • Examples from BL/STFC/DANS
    • STM
    • Examples from ESA – dealing with the data deluge

  • Importance of training/re-skilling of staff

The project officer Manuela Speiser cannot speak for the Commission. Also it is no good time for exposing representatives of the EU to the public.

  • Key message to be conveyed: "Based on what we have learned by working together in APARSEN We are preferred to transfer this know-how and to help others in addressing DP challenges."

  • Data Management Plans
  • Endorsements – India/ CHina


  • Prepare one single brochure as a folder (A4 folded at the half resulting in an A5 wallet) which can be expanded/ specialized with additional inlay sheets. There can be one sheet for each main product (Consultancy, Services, Tools, Training). That way, the content can be tailored and customized to the addressed potential customer.
Produce a comprehensive, potentially large brochure on the one hand and a small flyer on the other hand. This allows for handing out the flyer as first contact and eventually add full brochure afterwards. Also, persons could read brochure at the workshop and decide to carry home only the small flyer.


APA-COE could think about producing and individually handing out branded give-aways like USB sticks. In case the give-away is a data carrier, it should contain only parts of interesting content and link/ forward to APA-COE online services.


  • Participate and exhibit at other DP events.
  • Produce equipment for presentation/ exhibition at such events including poster, brochures, flyers, merchandise materials.
  • The launch event should already be announced in the next APARSEN newsletter.
  • APARSEN members should in more-or-less every communication, especially emails with customers, partners and service providers, invite to the APA-COE launch event.
  • In June and in September APARSEN will launch two waves of communication supporting the advertisement of the launch event. The first wave is based on newsletter. The second wave is based on personal invitations.


  • No (scientific) conference poster but a stall mainly with the APA-COE logo in high quality and compartments for information (and merchandise) materials.


Market research just needs drafts about the future web page. Graphical designs would suffice. More important are the texts and key messages to the users/ customers.
  • RR: Need to test whether the marketing messages are alright and whether the marketing channels are alright.
  • RR: Market research needs definitions for the main product terms (Tools, Consultancy, Services, Training). But not for the main contents like the service names, consultancy names, etc.
The website is the first stop for people getting in contact with the APA-COE.


  • Explain the results, not the process.
  • APA-COE worked on up-to-date problems of DP, gained experience and now is in the situation being able to support others in solving their DP problems, too.
  • "Common Version" may be a bad term, but it helps APA-COE in its work. The common vision may be not perfect, but (at least) APA-COE has an integrated view on DP that helps to tackle DP issues.
  • APA-COE could present on the web site short stories about previous projects and work. The characteristics of the stories reveal that APA-COE has insight and the experience. Furthermore, these stories could help potential customers to identify with the benefited.

-- DavidGiaretta - 2014-06-12

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