WP35 Meeting 2013-08-27

All: Review the current questionnaire - Give suggestions if some sections or questions need more explanation (Juha&Heikki will work with this today) - Are the multiple choices in the questions ok? - Are we missing something? - Deadline: Tue 27th

Heikki: Some technical issues - Personal details, why this is mandatory? (Anonymous response not possible?) - Data policies should be divided in 3 pages - Q12 is confusing, new version found in CERN's email - Multiple-choice Qs with text area should have the same question number, i.e. 7a and 7b instead of 7 and 8 (etc.) - Remove Q38

Juha & Heikki: Various issues - Develop the explanations. For example the target group should be stated in the beginning etc. - Create a multiple choice Q in interoperability part - We should have a separate question about ISO-standards and others what people use in their policies - Publish the next version, deadline Wed 28th

Kirnn: Language revision - Is it possible for Kirnn to do a language revision for the next version, after the refinements above have been done? - Heikki will send the questionnaire link on Wednesday - Revision deadline Fri 30th

Mariella: Questionnaire test - Mariella has a meeting on Sept 2nd where she is able to test the questionnaire - Organize the test as you prefer and give us the questionnaire feedback on Sept 2nd.

Heikki: Final questionnaire - Final revised questionnaire based on the feedback - The accurate deadline for the questionnaire should be agreed with WP31 so that the flyers are not distributed before the questionnaire is open. - There may be some last-minute refinement time also in the morning Sept 3rd. The conference opens at 9:30 PRT time, which is at 11:30 FIN time.

-- JuhaLehtonen - 2013-10-17

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