WP35 Meeting 2013-09-12

There is a joint Wiki site with WP31 about the survey in: JointWP31WP35SurveyInvitation There is an email message about our surveys and a list of email addresses, where it has been submitted. The email list must be kept up to date, so that several people don't send the invitation several times to the same email address.

So, if you have more email addresses:

  • a) you can either send those to me and Heikki, or
  • b) you can submit the message by yourself and update the email list in the Wiki site. (Please also make sure before sending, that the email address does not already exist in the Wiki list.)
You can also use your direct contacts to the institutions, but please add the email addresses to the Wiki site in any case.

The survey will be available until Sept. 30th.

If you have filled the desktop research templates, but have not put those in the Wiki site yet, please upload those here: Wp35Documents Heikki and I will try to share this part in different areas, so that the next step can be shared somehow. We can look that together in the next meeting.

Let's have the next WP35 meeting on September 18th at 1:30pm CEST (12:30pm UK time / 2:30pm FIN time).

-- JuhaLehtonen - 2013-10-17

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