Meeting notes 2013-10-22

The deliverable in general:

  • The deliverable template has been updated, see: Deliverable template
  • The template does not yet follow the official graphical layout, but it does not matter. We can fix that later.
  • Let's keep the deliverable short enough (quality instead of quantity). We think that our deliverable should not have more than ~20 pages.

The next steps: The desktop research part

  • All the filled desktop research templates are now in the Wiki, so let's now combine our material together.
  • The desktop research goes to Chapter 2 in the deliverable, divided in four subsections (one for each partner). Everyone should write the analysis part as planned in Wp35DesktopResearch
  • If you feel that some parts in your section are not very well covered, you can write a note about it in your section, and continue your part as far as you can. Let's then try to fix the open issues together.
  • You can see that there are still some documents (e.g. in the SCAPE list) which have not been examined, but CSC browsed those through and decided that let's not include those now. If we find out that we are missing some areas in our research, we can check if some of the remaining documents give extra value for it.
  • CSC will do the survey analysis in Chapter 3.
  • Deadline: end of October.

The steps after the desktop research part:

  • The open issues found in the desktop research should be fixed together in Chapter 2.
  • The open issues found in the survey analysis should be fixed together in Chapter 3.
  • MARIELLA: Is it possible for you to write the first version of the Introduction, i.e. Chapter 1?
  • CSC: Chapter 4 first draft (the part where we combine the desktop research part and the survey part together)
  • Deadline: November 15th - This is first version of the deliverable.


  • Simon asked for volunteers for the internal review in the previous Aparsen megameeting. If nobody volunteers, he will nominate someone.
  • We have potential candidates for the external review.


  • The next WP35 meeting will be Nov 5th at 2:00pm CET.
  • The meeting after that will be Nov 12th.

-- JuhaLehtonen - 2013-10-22

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